Pokémon GO Update Version 0.69.0 Gets Datamined, Reveals Legendary Pokémon Are Nearing Launch


To nobody's surprise, version 0.69.0 of Pokémon GO has now been datamined, offering crucial information that all Pokémon fans will surely rave about.

Right off that bat — Legendary Pokémon. Yes, you read that right: the latest update's APK suggest that Legendary Pokémon might finally arrive in the game, something many players have long requested Niantic for.

Pokémon GO Version 0.69.0: Legendary Pokémon Are Coming

On Tuesday, July 18, Niantic officially published a blog post detailing a new update for the game, which launches this week. It wasn't really much of anything at first glance, but as usual, the Pokémon GO community wasted no time in picking the APK apart for some clues as to what might come soon.

According to The Silph Road's datamine of the newest update, Legendary Pokémon may arrive during the Pokémon GO Fest — if not, they should come shortly afterward. A line of code within the APK — "IsLegendaryOrMythic" — serves as proof, essentially implying that the app will soon be able to recognize and differentiate mythical Pokémon from Legendary Pokémon.

Moreover, Niantic has also added an error message for players who'll attempt to drop Legendary Pokémon inside gyms, in addition to a new check if a Raid Boss is a Legendary Pokémon. Alongside the code are image assets, including an Exclusive Raid Pass, a Legendary Raid icon featuring Lugia, and a banner with a Lugia for marking gyms where a player has won a Legendary Raid.

As always, one should always take caution reading rumors lest one wants to end up disappointed. Then again, clues implying the arrival of Legendary Pokémon of makes a strong case that they are indeed coming soon.

Pokémon GO Version 0.69.0: Other Changes

Version 0.69.0 of Pokémon GO brings a QR scanner, a special Pokémon GO Fest badge, and the usual touch-ups for certain user interface elements.

The update also improves the game's screen search functionality and fixes an error where a Pokémon doesn't return to its trainer after defending a gym.

Pokémon GO Fest

The Pokémon GO Fest kicks off July 22 in Chicago as part of the game's first anniversary. As part of the festivities, players can run into a Pikachu wearing Ash Ketchum's hat or hatch a Pichu from an egg wearing the same accessory.

Pumped for the Pokémon GO Fest? Do you think Legendary Pokémon are coming to the game soon? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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