Legendary Pokemon Are Finally Coming To 'Pokémon GO,' And You'll Need Golem To Catch 'Em All

Legendary Pokémon are finally confirmed to be heading their way into Pokémon GO, with their first appearance to be at the Pokémon GO Fest on July 22 in Grant Park, Chicago.

The hype surrounding the addition of the Legendary Pokémon reached fever pitch due to recent clues and datamines, blowing up even more as developer Niantic Labs rolled out the reveal video for the powerful Pokémon.

Legendary Pokémon Reveal Trailer

The reveal trailer for the arrival of Legendary Raids and Legendary Pokémon to Pokémon GO was accompanied by a Niantic Labs blog post that explained how players can capture the powerful Pokémon.

According to Niantic Labs, players should watch for Legendary Eggs that will appear at certain Gyms. After the countdown ends, the Legendary Eggs will crack and reveal the Legendary Pokémon inside. Players can then team up to try to take it down, and if they are successful, they will be able to catch the Legendary Pokémon. They can be used to take on Raid Bosses and fight in Gym Battles, but they will not be able to defend Gyms.

Niantic Labs added that at Pokémon GO Fest, players in Grant Park will need to work with players from all over the world to make the first Legendary Pokémon appear at the event. If the players in Chicago succeed in defeating it, the Legendary Pokémon will start appearing in Raid Battles everywhere else.

Train Up Your Golems!

The reveal trailer focused on Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Lugia, and Ho-Oh, the Legendary Birds from the franchise's first two generations of Pokémon. Mewtwo makes a quick appearance at the end of the video, but it is very likely that the first Legendary Pokémon of Pokémon GO will be one of the five Legendary Birds.

As Pokémon GO players prepare to battle a Legendary Bird, the community has identified Golem, a rock/ground-type Pokémon, as the best one for the job.

Golem is not a popular option in the main games, but in Pokémon GO, he is expected to be a vital piece in taking down either one of the Legendary Birds. The Legendary Birds are weak to Golem's type, and Golem's Rock Throw, Stone Edge, and Rock Blast are powerful attacks that can hit flying opponents.

Golem is no slouch either, with a max CP of 2916 and an attack of 211.

Players planning to join the Pokémon GO Fest and those looking forward to their first Legendary Raid should consider training up a Golem to deal massive damage to the Legendary Birds, whichever one would be the first to arrive in Pokémon GO.

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