A Microsoft support document revealed legacy features that will either be removed or deprecated after the release of the upcoming Fall Creators Update for the Windows 10.

MS Paint and Screen Savers are examples of features that are on the chopping block after the update rolls out, while features that will be thrown out include the 3D Builder and Reader apps.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update To Remove, Deprecate Features

According to the uploaded Microsoft support document, there are 22 features that will either be removed or deprecated when the Fall Creators Update is released.

The 3D builder app is one of the features that will be removed, which makes sense because of the inclusion of Paint 3D and Print 3D in Windows 10. Fans of the software, however, will still be able to download the app from the Windows store.

The Reader app, as well as the Reading List, will also be removed, as their functionality has already been integrated into the Microsoft Edge browser. The same reason is behind the pending removal of the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, as the Windows Defender Exploit Guard is already capable of serving its purpose.

Outlook Express, described as a non-functional legacy code that is surprisingly still present in Windows 10, will also finally be taken out of the operating system with the Fall Creators Update.

For the features that will be deprecated or reduced in functionality and likely to be eventually removed in a future update, the one that stands out is the beloved MS Paint. Versions of MS Paint have been around since the earliest days of Windows, but it appears that the software's run is drawing to a close.

Also to be deprecated with the Fall Creators Update is screen saver support. Screen savers will be removed from the Themes section of Windows 10 and will eventually be removed from the operating system's Control Panel and Group Policies as the preference is for users to instead utilize Lock Screen features.

Why Is Microsoft Removing These Features?

Microsoft is removing and deprecating these features to make it easier to maintain Windows 10, as these features are no longer largely used. The removal of these old features also reduces possible security issues, while also opening the path for the development of new software.

Microsoft is already looking ahead with Windows 10, and the upcoming Fall Creators Update is another step into the future.

A glimpse of the Fall Creators Update, expected to be released in September, can be viewed through the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16241. The anticipated update, however, will not usher in the arrival of Windows Timeline, a feature that will allow Windows 10 users to switch between using multiple devices.

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