Not long after it officially released the Windows 10 Creators Update this past April, Microsoft is now gearing up for the follow-up: the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which the Redmond, Washington-based tech firm plans to launch by September.

Indeed — Microsoft is borrowing the "Creators Update" naming scheme for its next major Windows 10 update, and it will explore a new focus on providing iOS and Android devices Windows experiences.

To that end, Microsoft demonstrated four key new additions to Windows 10 to the Fall Creators Update. Here's everything you need to know,

Windows Experiences On Android And iOS

With the Fall Creators Update, Microsoft is introducing Graph, an "intelligent fabric that helps connect dots between people, conversations, projects, and content within the Microsoft Cloud." Graph ensures seamless transitions and consistency of Windows experiences across different devices. This means that getting things done, even if you jump from one device to another, will be easy.

There are four key components of Graph:

Timeline - With Timeline, users can jump back in time to look for what they'd been working on. It's exactly akin to what your browser history is — but this time, in addition to internet activity, it'll also show you what you've been doing on your computer, such as which tabs, files, or windows you had open and more.

Pick Up Where You Left Off - With the help of Microsoft's voice-enabled assistant, Cortana, you can, well — pick up where you left off. Editing a document on your PC? Shut the PC down and jump back into editing once you switch to your phone. Microsoft said it best: "It's like having your PC and your phone finish each other's sentences."

Clipboard - Clipboard is pretty self-explanatory: it allows users to cut, copy, and paste across devices.

OneDrive Files On-Demand - Microsoft is also enabling users to access OneDrive files without wasting precious storage space. Users will now be able to sync files and open documents from OneDrive without having to download entire folders.

Fluent Design System

"Today, there are many devices and platforms competing for our attention," said Terry Myerson, Microsoft's executive VP for the Windows and Devices Group. He added that users consume media and perform tasks via a number of devices, from tablets to phones to desktop PCs. These all perform differently, and they fulfill different needs.

"Every day, developers also face the challenge of a multi-device, multi-interaction world, and we are committed to simplifying this world with a modern Microsoft design system."

Microsoft's new Fluent Design System is arguably the most beautiful Windows has ever looked and aims to fix this consistency problem.

From the rigidity of Windows XP to the clunky visual package of Windows Vista to the neutralized design of Windows 7 to the minimalism of Windows 10, the Fluent Design System elevates Microsoft's design mettle to deliver "intuitive, harmonious, responsive, and inclusive cross-device experiences and interactions."

Take a look at a preview of Microsoft's new design system below.

If you want to get a preview of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft just released the latest preview to Insiders. But because September is still far away, expect the latest build to be buggy. Head over to Microsoft's blog and take a look at the known issues for PC.

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