Moltres Blazes Into 'Pokémon GO': Here's How To Catch The Fire-Type Legendary Pokémon

Moltres, the Legendary Pokémon that serves as the mascot for Team Valor, has been spotted in Pokémon GO, and players are now preparing to catch the fire-type Legendary Bird.

As developer Niantic Labs continues to face the effects of the failed Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago, including a class-action lawsuit and delayed Pokémon GO events in Europe, players should focus on catching the Legendary Pokémon as they arrive in the mobile game.

Pokémon GO Legendary Pokémon: Articuno Out, Moltres In

It appears that Legendary Pokémon Lugia will be in the game for a while, but Articuno, the ice-type Legendary Bird that is also the Team Mystic mascot, is on its way out.

Replacing Articuno as the Legendary Pokémon that can be caught in the Legendary Raids of Pokémon GO is Moltres, who will be available until Aug. 7. Moltres will then be followed by Zapdos, the electric-type Legendary Pokémon that is also the mascot of Team Instinct.

How To Catch Moltres

Moltres has higher stats compared to Articuno, but it will be easier to catch due to several key weaknesses and the many Pokémon that are resistant to its fire-based attacks.

Moltres is both a fire-type and a flying-type Pokémon, which means that it is weak to water and electric-type attacks and doubly weak to rock-type attacks.

The rock-type Golem, previously tagged as the best Pokémon to beat the Legendary Pokémon, retains its effectiveness in taking down Moltres as it is capable of defending against both fire and flying attacks. It also has strong offensive rock-type attacks that become even more effective when used against Moltres.

Another good option for taking down Moltres is the popular Vaporeon. The water-type Pokémon can resist all the fire-based attacks of Moltres, and its attacks will be effective against the Legendary Bird. Players can resort to the popular Water Gun and Hydro Pump combo to deal significant damage to Moltres.

Pokémon GO Fest Disaster

The arrival of Moltres should serve as a distraction for Pokémon GO players as Niantic Labs tries to recover from the disastrous Pokémon GO Fest, which was held on July 22 in Grant Park, Chicago.

Thousands of Pokémon GO players attended the event, but it failed due to connectivity issues. Some attendees have filed a class-action lawsuit to try to reimburse the travel expenses that they spent in getting to the event. In the meantime, Niantic Labs has pushed back some planned Pokémon GO events, seemingly to make the necessary preparations to prevent such a failure from happening again.

Thankfully, players can focus on catching Moltres, and later, on catching Zapdos. Hopefully Niantic Labs will be able to get its act together in time for the upcoming events of Pokémon GO.

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