SNES Classic Edition Preorders To Go Live This Month: Will You Be Able To Buy The Latest Nintendo Retro Console?


Nintendo announced that preorders for the SNES Classic Edition will launch in late August, which should be great news for gamers who are looking forward to the retro console.

The launch of preorders this month will follow the false start made by Walmart last month. SNES Classic Edition preorders apparently went live by mistake due to a technical glitch, leading to cancelled preorders for the retro console and shattered hearts for excited gamers.

Nintendo To Launch SNES Classic Edition Preorders This Month

In a Facebook post, Nintendo expressed its appreciation for the intense hype that the retro console has generated and confirmed that SNES Classic Edition preorders will launch for various retailers in the United States late this month.

There is no specific date mentioned for the start of SNES Classic Edition preorders and no definite list for the retailers that will offer them. However, Target did mention that it will soon be offering preorders for the retro console, and it should be safe to assume that most major retailers in the United States will do the same.

Excited gamers should already be itching to secure an SNES Classic Edition preorder, especially those who lost theirs due to Walmart's glitch. The retro console will carry a price tag of $79.99 and will come with 21 of the most popular SNES games, including the never-before-released Star Fox 2.

Will Nintendo Be Able To Keep Up With The SNES Classic Edition Demand?

Nintendo is known to always suffer from supply shortages for its products, and whether that is intentional or simply bad market analysis is always the subject of debate.

The company's hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch, and its first retro console, the NES Classic Edition, both suffered from supply shortages upon their launch. Will Nintendo do better this time around for the SNES Classic Edition?

In its Facebook post, Nintendo also stated that, in addition to the number of preordered units, a significant amount of additional SNES Classic Edition systems will be shipped to retail stories for its launch on Sept. 29. The company added that it will continue the heightened number of shipments for the SNES Classic Edition for the remainder of 2017.

While this is some assurance that Nintendo will try harder to keep up with the expected SNES Classic Edition demand, it remains to be seen whether the supply will be able to keep up. For now, all gamers can do is prepare to battle it out with a horde of other customers once SNES Classic Edition preorders launch in late August.

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