Super NES Classic Edition Preorders To Be Available Via Target

Not long after it became available for preorder, the Super NES Classic Edition promptly sold out, signaling another potential hit for Nintendo. Units left as soon as they arrived, simply put.

So that aside, yes, the Super NES Classic Edition is now officially available for preorder in the United States — if you can find one. Interested customers can go to Walmart's website to place orders, but again, stocks are now hard to come by.

Super NES Classic Edition Preorder Via Target

But there may be some good news. Per its official Twitter account, Target has just confirmed that it will open preorders for the classic console, though it didn't confirm exactly when. "Get ready for Classic action," says the post.

On the flipside, both Amazon and Best Buy have already set up sign-ups for people who want to be notified when preorders open. Other retailers, such as GameStop and Toys R Us, currently don't have the Super NES Classic Edition listed on their websites, but they'll most definitely have it in shelves on launch day — that is, of course, if you act fast enough.

Like the NES Classic Edition before it, units are expected to fly off the shelves. But the fact that it's not really clear how Nintendo plans to solve potential demand and stock problems this time around causes ample worry. It already said it'll produce more units than the NES Classic Edition — but how many, exactly? Moreover, will it keep producing more stock beyond the initial allocation? These remain uncertain for the time being, but one thing is for sure — we don't want another scalper problem, do we, Nintendo?

Expect due coverage when other retailers open up preorders, but again, it's not certain when that will happen.

Super NES Classic Edition

The Super NES Classic Edition is a mini iteration of the SNES released in the early '90s. Like the NES Classic Edition, it comes with preloaded titles. There are 21 in total — including Donkey Kong Country, EarthBound, and the previously unreleased Star Fox 2.

The NES Classic Edition suffered from severe understocking problems, and the scarcity caused scalpers to peddle units at insanely huge prices. It sold out, needless to say, and it became increasingly hard to find — if not impossible — well into its eventual cancellation, which baffled even the most ardent fans of Nintendo.

Nintendo has confirmed it will only sell the Super NES Classic Edition until the end of this year but will produce significantly more units, as mentioned above.

The Super NES Classic Edition launches Sept. 29 for $80.

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