Titanfall 2, despite positive reviews from critics, is considered as a disappointment compared to the success of the first Titanfall. However, Respawn Entertainment remains dedicated to the action franchise.

Fresh from the release of the Titanfall 2 DLC Operation Frontier Shield, the launch date of the mobile game spin-off has been unveiled, along with a promise that there will be more Titanfall in the future.

Titanfall 2 On The Ropes

In an interview with GameSpot, Respawn CEO Vince Zampella admitted that Titanfall 2 did not sell as well as it should have.

Publisher Electronic Arts revealed in an earnings call in February that Titanfall 2 missed sales targets, with no specific reasons mentioned. However, the popular theory is that the release date of Titanfall 2 affected its performance, as it was launched just a week after Battlefield 1 and a week before Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. These games went on to become the top two best-selling titles in 2016 in the United States.

Zampella also noted that Operation Frontier Shield, which introduced the cooperative mode Frontier Defense, is probably the last major content pack for Titanfall 2, as the developer is looking to "work on new stuff."

More 'Titanfall' On The Way

Zampella, however, noted that the Titanfall 2 franchise has "a really great fanbase," which makes it important for the developer to keep the series going despite Titanfall 2 not meeting expectations.

"We're doing more Titanfall," Zampella said, which is great news for the mech-shooter franchise.

The first example of this commitment is Titanfall: Assault, a mobile real-time strategy game that has players take on the role of a commander with the mission of capturing enemy territories. Players will collect burn cards and upgrade resources to make their troops stronger against the opposition.

Titanfall: Assault will launch for the iOS and Android on Aug. 10.

Titanfall: Assault should not be confused with Titanfall: Frontline, a mobile card game that reached the closed beta stage before it was canceled. Hundreds of Titan, Pilot, and Burn cards were planned for the title, but it was canceled because it became apparent that a digital card game would not evoke the same feeling of the fast-paced gameplay featured in Titanfall games.

In addition to Titanfall: Assault, Zampella said that it is working on more things related to Titanfall, though the developer is still not announcing what that means. That should be enough good news for Titanfall fans, especially those who might have been worried that the series will end after the lackluster sales of Titanfall 2.

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