After the first Titanfall, many were expecting what developer Respawn would bring to the table for the second outing. The first game lacked a single player mode, so of course, the most significant addition to Titanfall 2 is the single player campaign.

Unlike the previous title, Titanfall 2 is not exclusive to the Xbox One. It's also coming to the PlayStation 4 and PC, a move made possible due to Electronic Arts acquisition of Respawn. Despite that, the game is not using the Frostbite Engine, and you know what? It doesn't need to because it looks good enough.

Now, as for the number of Titans in the new game, we understand there's six overall, which includes the ones from the previous. Each Titan has access to unique abilities, and from what we can tell, Titans are more like classes these days.

It should be noted that Respawn has no plans to charge for new maps. This has been a big problem for many shooters because going this route tend to split the community. When a map pack is released, some users will purchase, others won't, and right away the community is divided into several groups.

The big question right now is how critics view Titanfall 2. From what we can tell, most have been very positive, so we expect this game to have a better Metacritic score than the first.

Let's take a look at what critics are saying, shall we?

Arthur Gies: Polygon - Consistency is a problem for Titanfall 2 in general, and it's a game that seems to struggle with a confident direction for its changes. The end result is a collection of fantastic mechanics across its campaign and its multiplayer that often feel hamstrung by difficult to understand design choices.

Mike Mahardy: GameSpot- Titanfall 2 accomplishes several things. It introduces seemingly minor changes to its multiplayer sphere, but results in more fluid pacing and an intelligent gameplay loop. It adds a single-player campaign that builds in momentum with each mission, culminating in a grandiose battles that makes use of both Pilot and Titan combat.

Stuart Andrews: Digital Spy - This isn't just a worthy sequel to Titanfall, but one that improves upon the original while adding a superb single-player campaign. The latter combines fast-paced action, pilot acrobatics, heavyweight Titan warfare and a surprising amount of heart in one of the most enjoyable solo storylines of the year.

Overall, it's clear Titanfall 2 is is loved by most critics, but for success to happen, players will have to feel the same. Not to mention, the title will have to compete with Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

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