The LG V30 has been leaked by promotional videos from HitRecord, the collaborative website created by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, one of LG's most prominent partners.

While the LG V30 release date has been leaked, the smartphone itself has largely been kept under wraps. The HitRecord videos, however, provide a good look at what is described as the real LG flagship smartphone for 2017.

LG V30 Leaked In HitRecord Videos

LG and HitRecord have collaborated in the past for creative projects filmed using the former's smartphones, and the two companies are doing it again this year. The deadline for this year's competition is July 31, and the submissions that were uploaded featured the unannounced LG V30.

The videos, which have since been taken down, were not in high-definition. However, a closer inspection at some of the screenshots reveals the LG V30 branding at the back of the device, meaning that these are the first good looks at the upcoming smartphone.

What Did We Learn About The LG V30?

More important than the source of the LG V30 leaks, however, is what the leaked videos reveal about the upcoming smartphone.

The images reveal the LG V30 dual cameras at the back, similar to the LG V20, with the fingerprint scanner located below the camera modules. The camera UI of the smartphone also appears to be the same as the one used for the company's current devices, with the same offering of manual controls.

The smartphone also appears to have a glass body similar to the LG G6. The LCD screen also appears to have been switched out for an OLED screen, with rounded corners and narrower bezels.

Perhaps the biggest confirmation with the LG V30 leaks, however, is that the secondary screen found at the top of the LG V20 main display has been removed for the upcoming device.

There have been rumors that there will be no LG V30 secondary display, ending the run of the feature that was first introduced in the LG V10 in 2015. There was speculation that the secondary display could be improved instead of removed, but looking at the front of the smartphone in the leaked videos, it appears that the secondary display is completely gone.

LG V30 Release Date

The LG V30 has been previously leaked to be launching in the United States on Sept. 28, after the smartphone is unveiled at the end of August during IFA 2017.

There are still many more unknown details regarding the LG V30 despite the leaked videos from HitRecord, so fans of the smartphone line still have a lot to look forward to for the device's official announcement.

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