LG first introduced the idea of a secondary display, one that offers a whole different lineup of features apart from the main screen, with the LG V10, released back in 2015.

The V10's secondary screen wasn't totally disparate, but was instead a closed off section offering a strip panel allowing the user a number of features such as opening the flashlight, accessing different apps and so forth. Despite largely remaining as a nice but unnecessary functionality, LG was able to communicate the concept behind a second ticker, and the LG V20, the V10's successor even came with it.

Now, it seems that LG might either ditch the secondary display or improve upon it for its next flagship, the LG V30.

A Better Secondary Display Headed To The V30?

Evan Blass, consummate source of all things yet unreleased and unannounced, has hinted via Twitter that LG might be stripping away the secondary screen from the forthcoming V30, pre-noting that he has product renders of the V30 on hand.

Evan Blass' follow-up tweet was a rather vague confirmation that the secondary display will be gone. However, Blass has remarked that several publications have misconstrued his words. "Adieu, ticker," according to him, it didn't necessarily imply that LG is trashing the secondary display.

"The ticker is a secondary display. But not all secondary displays would be characterized as tickers," Evan Blass tweeted as a response to a user who had interchanged the terms "secondary display" and "ticker."

If Evan Blass is indeed subtly implying that only the "ticker" functionality of the secondary screen would be gone but not the secondary display itself, then it's fair to say that we might soon hear word from LG about a better, more synergized implementation of the secondary display since the feature was at best an add-on and not by any means crucial to the smartphone experience.

It's likely that LG is indeed making the secondary display better, given its predilection for sticking with slightly bizarre smartphone quirks that give them a fun edge compared to others in the market, as exemplified by the wide angle camera on the V10 or LG's quasi-modular smartphone LG G5, which unfortunately received a lukewarm welcome.

LG V30 Specs

Until Evan Blass uploads the V30's product renders he has on hand, there's not much to go on about the upcoming smartphone. Rumored specs are scant as of now, since the V30 is still a good nine to 10 months away, as per per GSM Arena's estimate, basing on LG's release cycle for smartphones.

Expect due coverage when Evan Blass finally discloses those product renders.

Will retaining the secondary display be a bad idea for LG's next flagship? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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