T-Mobile has launched a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 buy one, get one deal to help customers deal with its expensive $930 price tag.

Availing the offer, however, is not as easy as lining up at a nearby T-Mobile store. Here are the requirements that customers need to grab a second Galaxy Note 8 for free.

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 8 Buy One, Get One Requirements

To qualify for T-Mobile's buy one, get one deal for the Galaxy Note 8, customers will need to do the following things.

Customers will need to preorder two units of the Galaxy Note 8 from T-Mobile through the carrier's 24-month equipment installment plan. This will require a $210 deposit for each device, which means that there will be an upfront down payment of $420 under the Galaxy Note 8 buy one, get one deal.

After sending in the preorder, customers will need to sign up for a new line of service that will be activated on the second device. Customers will then have to access the T-Mobile Promotions Center and enter the promo code 17SAMN8BOGO within 30 days of the purchase of the second device.

Afterwards, customers will be qualified to receive a rebate for the cost of the second Galaxy Note 8 in the form of a prepaid MasterCard card that will be worth $930, the price of the device. The card will arrive after about eight weeks.

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 8 BOGO Deal: Other Terms

The Galaxy Note 8 buy one, get one deal by T-Mobile is retroactive for preorders, which means that customers who have already preordered the smartphone can still avail the deal by fulfilling the requirements.

Customers who might be thinking of cheating T-Mobile by activating a new line, grabbing the free Galaxy Note 8, and then cutting off the line will have to reconsider their plans. Customers who avail the deal are required to maintain the plan for both Galaxy Note 8 devices, or else they will be billed for the full $930 price of the second Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Early Success

Samsung has launched a Galaxy Note 8 trade-in promo that caters to former owners of the failed Galaxy Note 7. Qualified customers can send in the replacement phone that they received for the Galaxy Note 7 to receive an up to $425 discount on the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung hopes that it would be able to bounce back from the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco with the Galaxy Note 8, and early signs show that the company has been able to do that. Samsung fans have apparently stayed loyal, especially as Samsung has packed the new flagship smartphone with powerful specifications and top-of-the-line features that include an amazing Galaxy Note 8 display.

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