After months of rumors and leaks, the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been officially unveiled, with preorder periods and launch dates revealed.

The upcoming launch of the Galaxy Note 8, however, also impacts owners of other Samsung devices, namely the former customers of the Galaxy Note 7 and the current users of the Gear VR headset.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Preorders, Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 preorders will begin Aug. 24, and it will be available in Midnight Black or Orchid Gray in the United States. The smartphones will be released on Sept. 15, in line with previous Galaxy Note 8 leaks and confirming that the rumor of an Aug. 24 launch was not for the actual rollout of the smartphone, but for Galaxy Note 8 preorders.

Customers who buy the Galaxy Note 8 before Sept. 24 will also be able to get a Gear 360 camera or a 128 GB memory card plus fast wireless charger for free with their purchase.

The price of the Galaxy Note 8 has not yet been revealed, but rumors say that it is about $900. The final Galaxy Note 8 specifications and Galaxy Note 8 design, meanwhile, were already previously leaked, driving up hype for the upcoming device.

Galaxy Note 8 Discount For Note 7 Users

Samsung is looking to bounce back from last year's Galaxy Note 7 exploding batteries fiasco through the Galaxy Note 8. In addition to the top-of-the-line specifications and powerful features of the new model, Samsung will also be offering discounts to former Galaxy Note 7 owners.

The Galaxy Note 8 discount for former Galaxy Note 7 customers can go up to $425, almost half of the rumored price of the new smartphone. Samsung will need to verify if the customer indeed owned the failed Galaxy Note 7, and the customer will need to trade in the smartphone that they received as a replacement for the Galaxy Note 7.

The Galaxy Note 8 Doesn't Fit In The Gear VR

Samsung's official announcement of the Galaxy Note 8 was accompanied by the unveiling of a new Gear VR headset, which will be able to accommodate the smartphone and its 6.3-inch display. The company has to roll out another version of the virtual reality headset simply because the Galaxy Note 8 doesn't fit in the current Gear VR models.

The new Gear VR version, which will be a bit wider to accommodate the chassis of the Galaxy Note 8, will still cost $129.99. It will be compatible with previous Samsung smartphones, going back to the Galaxy Note 5.

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