Samsung is holding a Galaxy Note 8 trade-in promo for Galaxy Note 7 owners where they stand to save up to $425.

The thing is, taking advantage of the offer isn't as easy as 1-2-3. In other words, there's a lot to take note of in the fine print.

Only Samsung Offers The Deal

First and foremost, you can only avail the Galaxy Note 8 trade-in promo from Samsung. That means you can't just go to your carrier or other local retailers and expect the deal.

Only US Customers Can Avail It

You have to be in the United States to be eligible. It's still unclear whether or not Samsung intends to launch the promo or something similar in other countries.

The Offer Lasts Only Until Sept. 30

The Galaxy Note 8 trade-in promo is good only until Sept. 30. That's roughly a month away from now, so you'd better be quick to decide whether you want this or not.

Galaxy Note 7 Proof Of Purchase Is Required

You need to send Samsung your proof of purchase for the Galaxy Note 7. According to the company, that may include your original register receipt, your credit card bill, contract or lease agreement, and carrier bill that prove you bought the Galaxy Note 7.

Once you've gathered them up, head on over to Samsung's official page and send your email for further instructions.

Trade-in Device Must Be In Good Condition And Fully Paid For

No one wants a faulty device, and Samsung's no exception to it. Put simply, the device you're trading in should be in good condition.

Just to be clear, it should still turn on, have a working touch screen, and wiped via factory reset. It should also be free of major damage (i.e., huge cracks), and it should have been bought legitimately, aka it should not be a stolen device.

Speaking of which, it should be completely paid for already. In layman's terms, if you still have payments to make as part of an installment plan, then you can't trade it in just yet.

Participants Need A Samsung Account

You need to have a Samsung account to participate in the Galaxy Note 8 trade-in promo. This part is easy, though. You can either sign up for one via your phone or just make an account on your desktop through the Samsung Account page.

Minors Are Not Allowed To Join

If you're not 18 years old or above, then you can't join. However, you can get your parent or your legal guardian to take care of things for you.

Old Device Must Be Sent Within 15 Days After Receiving The Galaxy Note 8

If you do everything correctly, Samsung will send you instructions on how to turn in your device, and you'll have only 15 days to comply.

Now if you fail to do so, get ready for some possible consequences: Samsung will either charge your credit card the full $930 price of the Galaxy Note 8 or hound you down until you pay up.

Also, it should be mentioned that at the event Samsung deems your trade-in device to be in bad condition, it'll give you only a $25 discount.

Galaxy Note 8 Preorder Goodies Are Available Too

Samsung has some Galaxy Note 8 preorder treats in store, offering either a Gear 360 camera or a 256 GB microSD card and a wireless charger. The best part is, the deal is also available to those who join the trade-in promo.

The Bottom Line

Before wrapping things up, keep in mind that Samsung won't send back your old device, so get ready to part with it. The Galaxy Note 8 also won't work with the current Gear VR headsets, and you'll need to buy the new model, which is still priced at $129.99, if you want to continue using virtual reality on your phone.

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