'Dauntless' Closed Beta Now Online: Here's How To Try Out The 'Monster Hunter' Clone For PC


While PC gamers wait for the return of the Monster Hunter franchise with Monster Hunter: World, another creature-slaying game, Dauntless, has launched its closed beta.

Dauntless is an ambitious Monster Hunter clone from Phoenix Labs, and gamers who love to team up with their friends to take down enormous creatures may want to try it out

'Dauntless' Closed Beta: How To Join

Players who would like to join the closed beta of Dauntless will have to access the game's official website and purchase a Dauntless Founder's Pack.

In addition to gaining beta access, Founder's Packs will grant players with various items that can be used while playing Dauntless. The $40 option grants players with "champion" status for 90 days, which increases drops made by the game's monsters known as Behemoths, and includes a package of consumable items, an in-game title and forum icon, plus an exclusive flare.

The more expensive $70 option, named the Hero pack, will include all of the contents of the $40 option plus 10 Chromo Cores, which can be used to dye gear, and 10 Transmog Stones, which can be used to change the appearance of gears.

Phoenix Labs also has plans to launch an open beta for Dauntless, but there is currently no specific date for when that will launch. Dauntless will launch before the year ends as a free-to-play game, but there is also no exact date yet.

'Dauntless': How Does It Compare To 'Monster Hunter'?

Similar to the Monster Hunter titles, players go on missions to hunt massive creatures. Players can then gather parts and materials from the fallen Behemoths to either upgrade their gear or create new ones, which will help them take on even more powerful targets.

Also similar to Monster Hunter is the availability of different weapon types. Dauntless currently offers four weapon types, namely chain blades, a shotgun-hammer hybrid, axes, and swords, with more to be added as the game inches closer to its final launch.

Dauntless can be played using either the keyboard and mouse or with a controller. According to Destructoid's Christian Chiok, using the keyboard and mouse is more effective for combat functions, but using the controller makes Dauntless better resemble the Monster Hunter experience.

Chiok also noted that Dauntless is meant to be played with a group of players instead of going solo. However, the game may prove to be boring to hardcore Monster Hunter players due to the easier difficulty and simpler combat. This could be a good thing for newcomers to such a style of game though.

Dauntless has a lot of potentials, though it might be overshadowed by the early 2018 release of Monster Hunter: World for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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