Xiaomi has uploaded its proprietary calculator aptly called the Mi Calculator to the Google Play Store, giving every Android user out there access to download and install it on their phones.

In case it's not clear, even users who don't own a Mi device can download it as long as their devices are at least Android Jelly Bean 4.1.

Mi Calculator vs The Current Brood

Aside from the basic functions, which are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, the Mi Calculator can serve as a replacement for a scientific calculator, allowing it to process trigonometric functions and logarithms, to name a few.

Its features also extend to area, length, mass, speed, time, and volume conversions. As if things couldn't get any better, there's even a universal currency converter that's updated daily and a mortgage calculator in the mix.

The Mi Calculator has a History function as well, and that means users can get back on track on their calculations if they need to.

Sure, a lot of other calculators also more or less offer the same things Xiaomi's calculator does. However, arguably, they don't sport the same quality when it comes to the design and cleanliness of the user interface, not to mention that it's snappy, or in other words, it should deliver a smooth experience.

Put simply, the Mi Calculator provides a ton of functions in a clean package that some other calculators around can't bring to the table. As a bonus of sorts, those who themed their Android phones after MIUI will find that it'll blend right in among the icons and whatnot.

How To Download The Mi Calculator And Other Xiaomi Apps

Needless to say, installing the Mi Calculator is as easy as 1-2-3. Just head on over to the Play Store and tap on Install.

One downside that could put off some users, though, is that it needs a lot of permissions to function well. That list includes access to Device and App History, Location, Phone, Photos/Media/Files, Storage, Wi-Fi Connection Info, and Device ID and Call Information. It also needs full network access and the go-ahead to view network connections.

To inch closer to the full Xiaomi experience, the company also has more apps on the Play Store, such as the Mi Video Call and Mi Live.

Now if the Mi Calculator just doesn't cut it, it should be mentioned that Google's calculator app is available on the Play Store too. One advantage worth noting is that it works with Android Wear devices, allowing users to perform calculations while on the go.

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