Who are the top comic-book writers in Hollywood right now? The list should not surprise. Robert Kirkman, the man behind The Walking Dead, is at the top of the list, and for good reasons. The TV show is probably the best thing on TV right now, and rarely fails to disappoint.

If things continue down this path, Robert Kirkman might one day have to think about The Walking Dead film.

At the moment, however, he has several other projects in the pipeline, so a Walking Dead film is probably not on his plate right now.

At the number two position, is Geoff Johns, the 41-year-old chief creative officer of DC Entertainment. He is mainly known for writing several Superman and Justice League comics, but he's also involved in DC's 5 TV series currently in production. This includes The Flash, Arrow, Constantine, iZombie, and Gotham.

Johns will also help bring to life around 10 DC movies during the next six years, so it is safe to say that he is a busy man.

In third spot, we have the ever active Brian Michael. Who is he? He's a Marvel man who is mainly known for works on the Ultimate Spiderman comics. He also does work on Guardians of the Galaxy and Scarlet Witch. The man is also working on a Netflix series that goes by the name, Alias.

Sitting in the fourth position is no other than Mark Millar. He's the writer behind the Kick-Ass comics and Civil War. Some might not even know that Miller is also the creator of Wanted and Kingsman: The Secret Service, a movie coming out in 2015.

Finally, we have Chris Claremont, who is well known for his works on Uncanny X-Men. He's the sole writer of the whole thing, and we are sure Marvel is thanking him with cash and kind for the great work he has done.

All 5 men are great at what they do, and with the comic-book universe taking off so successfully on the big screen, we expect them to become quite popular in the coming years, but not household names.

This list first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter magazine, so interested parties can purchase it if they would love to learn more.

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