Apple Kills Watch Series 2: It’s Either The Original Apple Watch Or Series 3

As it unveiled the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple quietly killed the second-generation Apple Watch Series 2. Going forward, interested customers will have to choose between the original Apple Watch or the latest model.

Apple Watch Series 2 Is Dead

The watch, released in 2016, has mysteriously disappeared from Apple's website. Apple usually slashes the price of older models when new ones are unveiled, not kill them. So this might come as a startling surprise for users hoping the Apple Watch Series 2 would be cheaper.

The pullout sort of makes sense. Series 3 isn't exactly a massive upgrade from Series 2. It's basically a slightly upgraded version of Series 2 but with LTE and music streaming capabilities. It's worth noting that Apple also offers a non-LTE Series 3 model, which is the closest thing users can get to a Series 2.

Apple Watch Series 3

As mentioned before, LTE is the biggest aspect of the Series 3. With it, one can place or receive calls even without a smartphone at close range. With this, Apple addresses the biggest complaint in smartwatches: that they depend on smartphones too much to actually be considered a standalone gadget.

Apple says users wouldn't even need a SIM card. They'll be able to use their regular iPhone number when making calls on the Series 3. Apple demoed a live call at its Sept. 12 Keynote, contacting Deidre Caldbeck solely using the Series 3. Caldbeck, one of the members of Apple's Watch team, was on a surfboard in the middle of a lake during the call. She had no phone with her. She made paddling motions as she spoke, so the Series 3 on her wrist moved away from her mouth. Still, the call quality remained clear.

After the call, Apple COO Jeff Williams said, "That's just darn close to magic."

Which One Should I Get: Apple Watch Series 1 Or 3?

The death of Series 2 makes it quite difficult to choose between Apple's current smartwatch lineup. On the one hand, Series 3 is the clear choice. It's got LTE, it supports music streaming even without pairing a phone, and it's water resistant. On the other hand, those who don't see themselves making calls using their watch can probably go for the original model.

Thoughts about the new Apple Watch Series 3? Would you have preferred if Apple kept Series 2 alive? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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