Nintendo will release a Super Mario Run update next week that will introduce a fresh batch of new content into the mobile game.

The hype for Super Mario Run has certainly died down since it was released, but many users likely still have the app installed in their smartphones. Will this new update get you to play the game again?

New 'Super Mario Run' Update: What's In It?

Nintendo will roll out the new Super Mario Run update on Sept. 29, with a new character, new mode, and new world to be added to the iOS and Android game.

The new character is Princess Daisy, and she will be added to the game as its seventh playable character, not including the color variations of Yoshi. Princess Daisy comes with a special double jump ability which should prove to be very useful in collecting the hard-to-reach coins of each stage.

Unlocking Princess Daisy, meanwhile, will require gamers to play the new mode named Remix 10. In Remix 10, players run through 10 small chunks from the available levels of Super Mario Run in rapid succession, with each stage to feature rainbow-colored medals. By completing the stages and collecting the medals, players will be able to acquire new items to add to their Mushroom Kingdoom, as well as get the chance to rescue and unlock Daisy as a playable character for all the other modes of Super Mario Run.

The update will also add World Star, a new world that will feature nine new levels with new enemies and gameplay mechanics. The levels will include more pink, purple, and black coins, but in order to unlock them, players will need to have completed all the stages of World 1 to World 6.

Lastly, players will be given the option to listen to their own music while playing Super Mario Run. Whenever players do so, the characters in the game will be wearing headphones for a cute visual touch.

Mario Is Still Very Popular

Super Mario Run downloads have reached almost 150 million downloads by April, and that number might get a boost out of the renewed interest in the game after this upcoming update. Nintendo is also slashing the in-app purchase to unlock the full game by 50 percent for two weeks after the release of the Sept. 29 update.

Super Mario Run is not the only modern Super Mario game turning heads though. The weird crossover game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, released for the Nintendo Switch last month, has actually drawn very positive reviews, while gamers look forward to the open-world Super Mario Odyssey, which will also be released for the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 27.

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