Adorable Baby Orphan Bats Wrapped in Blankets Are Impossible Not to Love


The Australian Bat Clinic just got some new, adorable additions. These bats have a sad history, orphaned from their parents during an extreme heat event recently. However, the bats are now in good hands with the ABC. They will be lovingly taken care of until they are strong enough to be released back into the wild.

The ABC released a touching, and extremely cute video of the team caring for the baby bats, and swaddling them in blankets to stay warm. Caretakers of baby bats must show the bats love and affection to help them recover from the loss of their parents.

"When baby bats first enter rehabilitation it can be traumatising for them as they have just been separated from their mothers to which they have formed strong bonds. Bat carers have to ensure that the baby bats not only are well fed, but that they are nurtured and feel safe in their temporary new home," the clinic said.

The team also gave each of the bats a rubber teat to chew on, which takes the place of their mother's nipple. Being swaddled in a blanket gives the bats extra comfort and security.

These bats are flying fox bats, a species which is threatened in Australia due to decreased habitat and an increase of extreme heat, which can kill these sensitive bats. The public also tends not to care about the bats, according to ABC, because bats are not a well-liked species.

Well, if you had a negative opinion about bats, think again! It's impossible to watch this video without caring for these baby bats. If you want to help, you can donate to the ABC online here to help the clinic buy necessary supplies for the bats.

Touching bats can be dangerous for people who are not trained to care for the creatures. Bats can transmit diseases to humans through physical contact, especially through a bite. The risk for contracting rabies through touching a bat is not as great as many people fear. According to Bat World Sanctuary, less than half of one percent of bats carry that disease.

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