Samsung is about to introduce a new trend in smartphones — if rumors are to be believed, of course.

There's no question: Smartphone development has been less innovative and more reiterative, with slight improvements here and there, but nothing too groundbreaking. The bezel-less trend is more of an aesthetic choice, but consumers can live without it. Dual camera systems are nice little extras, but totally unnecessary.

Samsung is not adding anything, however. It's changing the form factor altogether. It already did this with the Infinity Display on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8, but it's going to be unveiling an even more dramatic change: a truly foldable smartphone.

'Galaxy X,' Samsung's First Foldable Smartphone?

There's been no shortage of rumors about Samsung's foldable smartphone, but all such reports have either been rumors or baseless speculation. Over the years it earned an unofficial nickname, "Galaxy X," but no concrete details have emerged except for a wonky concept video.

But now, the Galaxy X has allegedly surfaced in a listing filed with a Korean regulator.

Galaxy X Phone Receives Formal Certification

The foldable phone was actually spotted two months ago, when model SM-G888N0 earned a Bluetooth certification. That model number was found not to correspond to any of Samsung's lineup, so purveyors believed it belonged to the rumored Galaxy X.

Fast forward to now: A device with a similar model number has just received certification from the National Radio Research Agency in South Korea, which essentially means the phone is ready to enter the Korean market, as LetsGoDigital reports.

Earlier in April, a device with the same model number received Wi-Fi certification. Indeed, the alleged Galaxy X seems ready for prime time.

The Wi-Fi alliance listed the phone as having Bluetooth 4.2 and running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, which is pretty confusing. There's some speculation that this is outdated, and that Samsung could bring the Galaxy X up to par with the rest of Samsung's flagship line.

Reports say the foldable smartphone is being developed under the codename "Project Valley," and that it could be released later this year or early next year. That's pretty early. It's unlikely Samsung is all but ready to release the next big thing in smartphones.

In fact, there are no hints as to how such a smartphone would work. Such a novel concept means it's really up to anyone's guess as to how the phone's foldable mechanism will benefit productivity, or possibly even change the way people use phones altogether.

Here's a concept drawing published by Let's Go Digital. Thoughts about a foldable smartphone? Innovation or just pure gimmick? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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