While users have been trying out the best iOS 11 new features, iPhone and iPad owners may have also noticed that the batteries of their Apple devices drain faster.

There have been a few iOS 11 issues, including slower performance, Control Center buttons that don't work the way they're supposed to, and crackling noises during phone calls. However, the iOS 11 battery life problem is arguably the most frustrating one.

iOS 11 Battery Life Issue: It's Not Just You

If you have noticed that a full charge on your iPhone or iPad does not last long since upgrading to iOS 11, you are not alone. A survey by 9to5Mac revealed that over 70 percent of users have experienced worse battery life, while security research company Wandera discovered that it took only 96 minutes of usage to drain the full battery of an iOS 11 device, compared to 240 minutes for the iOS 10.

Apple will likely make improvements to the iOS 11 battery life, and hopefully the iOS 11.0.1 update will help. However, iPhone and iPad users can try several things to help their devices last longer on a single charge.

How To Fix iOS 11 Battery Life Problem

The first thing that users should do is to check the details of their battery usage, which can be done in the Battery section of the Settings app. The Last 24 Hours tab will show which apps are draining the battery the most, so users might want to minimize usage of those apps in the meantime.

Some of the simple things that users can do to extend the battery life of their iOS 11 devices are to lower the display's brightness and to shorten the Auto-Lock time so that the screen consumes as little energy as possible. Users can also turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, app location services, system location services, background app refresh, and even 4G capabilities, but doing so might affect the performance of the iPhone or iPad too much.

Users also have the option of deactivating the beautiful but unneeded visual effects offered by the iOS 11. Users can disable motion effects through the Reduce Motion option under the Accessibility menu in Settings, and can also turn off dynamic backgrounds by choosing a static wallpaper for the iPhone or iPad.

When the iOS 11 device's charge is already running low without a charger nearby, users will want to activate Low Power mode, which suspends various background processes to help conserve the battery.

As a last resort, users of older models of the iPhone and iPad might want to start thinking about upgrading to a newer model, as the performance of batteries worsen over time.

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