Samsung Galaxy S8 Missing Text Messages Problem Surfaces: Users On All Major Carriers Affected


While most of the attention of Samsung fans have been on the Galaxy Note 8, a new issue has cropped up regarding the company's previous flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8.

According to numerous reports, an increasingly large number of Galaxy S8 users have been experiencing missing text message problems with the device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Missing Texts

There have been various reports on Galaxy S8 users not receiving text messages that were sent to them, and the problem exists across all major carriers in the United States.

The missing text messages, which are either severely delayed or do not arrive at all, are also not confined to one app, as the issue persists in Samsung's default SMS app, Android Messages, and others.

Redditors have created several threads on the problem in the Galaxy S8 sub-Reddit, and all of them have now been collected into megathread that links to six different threads discussing the issue. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint are all represented in the complaints of users.

A Redditor who goes by the handle matt-presley suggested a fix of deactivating the Advanced Messaging option of the default messaging app of Samsung. According to the user, he has not missed a text message since switching the feature off and started using Android Messages instead. However, it appears that the fix has not worked for everyone.

As stated by the Redditor who started the megathread, who goes by the handle quickonetakes, issues such as the missing texts problem of the Galaxy S8 only get fixed if they get enough attention. As such, Galaxy S8 users suffering from the issue are encouraged to keep contacting Samsung support regarding it, while media outlets such as Tech Times will make sure that your voices are heard.

Will Samsung Fix The Problem?

There is no word yet from Samsung acknowledging the problem, which is likely an issue with the smartphone's software as all carriers and messaging apps are affected, but not all Galaxy S8 units.

At least Samsung recently fixed another frustration among Galaxy S8 users, and that is the dedicated Bixby button of the smartphone. Most users were not happy with the Bixby button, and the option to disable it is the next best thing to remapping it to another function.

Samsung should definitely take a look at the Galaxy S8 missing texts problem and issue a fix for the issue as soon as possible. In July, Galaxy S8 sales figures were reported to be going strong, outselling the Galaxy S7 by 15 percent at that point of the year, and it would be a shame to tarnish its reputation with an issue such as this one.

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