Here’s How To Get Google Daydream On Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus


Daydream has finally arrived on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus devices, bringing Google's virtual reality platform alongside Samsung's own Gear VR on both flagships. This means Google did good on a promise it made last year, although the company says it might take some time before Daydream reaches all Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus owners.

Google Rolls Out Daydream Support For Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus

The rollout, more than expanding both phones' capabilities, broadens the availability of Daydream as well. Google launched it last year exclusively for the Pixel phones, but now it seems it's slowly branching to other devices.

Those who have been enjoying Gear VR on their Galaxy S8, S8 Plus will now have another option. The Google Daydream View headset costs $79, boasting its own roster of VR apps and games. Arguably, both platforms work kind of similar, although each does have their own exclusive titles, and of course, they both look very different hardware-wise.

Google announced plans to expand the availability of Daydream this past May during its I/O developer conference. One could say the move puts Google in rivalry with Oculus or HTC, but then again, the Daydream isn't a standalone VR headset. That being said, mobile VR platforms are increasingly becoming popular — perhaps it's because they're significantly less expensive than full-fledged models.

Apart from Samsung, Daydream also works on some Huawei, Asus, ZTE, and Lenovo smartphones. Google has promised to bring the platform to a total of 11 phones before this year ends, which includes a flagship LG device.

How To Get Google Daydream

 Don't do anything: There's nothing to it, really. Daydream support should arrive alongside an update to Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus devices. If your phone is up to date, you probably already have Daydream. This is because the update is silent, which means the Daydream logo might just pop out without you knowing. Browse through your app drawer or homescreen and you'll find it.

Check for updates: If that isn't the case, check if your phone is indeed up to date. Go to Settings, then About phone, then scroll down to build number and you should find "NRD90M.G950USQU1AQG4." If you don't see this exact build number, hit Settings > System update > Check for system updates. If it says an update is available, then install it. If there's nothing available, you might have to wait for a few days before it's out.

If all else fails, check out this guide from VR Heads to do some further tinkering.

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