Razer Will Announce Its First-Ever Smartphone On Nov. 1, And It’s Reportedly Aimed At Gamers


Ever since Razer acquired Nextbit, it was basically confirmed that a Razer phone was on the cards. It was only a matter of when. Now, the company has finally teased what looks like the phone's official announcement date: Nov. 1.

Razer Teases Gaming Phone

Razer posted an extremely brief teaser on Twitter Wednesday, Oct. 11, accompanied by an image of a person holding what appears to be a tablet or smartphone of some sort. Razer says it is its "biggest unveiling," which is rather vague but promising at the same time. The teaser image didn't reveal anything more beyond a silhouette of the device, which might not even be a phone at all.

But if previous reports are anything to go by, this device could be the Razer phone that's going to be primarily marketed for "hardcore gamers," so it's safe to imagine that power, performance, and graphics are going to be its three biggest components. 9to5Mac speculates that because this is Razer, a portion of the phone will probably be flanked by customizable LEDs.

Razer Phone Speculated Features

It's also possible that the Razer phone could somehow integrate with Razer's gaming laptops and create new experiences with that combination, perhaps like how the Wii U works. However, this is mere speculation, and frankly, virtual reality or augmented reality are arguably more worthwhile ventures for a phone that's supposed to have specs capable of hardcore gaming.

There's also a more likely possibility of the phone being able to stream PC games, like the PlayStation Vita can with PS4 games using its Remote Play feature. It's a bold assumption, but if there's any feature that could make the phone truly for hardcore gamers, this is probably it.

That is, however, if Razer is actually going to unveil a phone. It could very well be a tablet/phone/gaming device hybrid, which would make Razer a direct competitor of the Nintendo Switch. But phones that double as gaming devices don't have a particularly pleasant history — see the Nokia N-Gage — but Razer can probably find a way to do it right.

How Razer Plans To Implement Nextbit Into Its Upcoming Phone

As for how Razer's Nextbit acquisition plays into this phone, it may feature some of that company's cloud-based infrastructure. 2015's Nextbit Robin was marketed as the phone that never runs out of storage thanks to Nextbit's cloud platform, but obviously the device needed to be connected to the internet at all times for it to work.

Whether Razer plans to equip its smartphone that way remains uncertain, but it won't be so surprising because companies are slowly moving into the cloud, too, like Google, which recently began advertising Pixel phones as having unlimited photo storage thanks to its cloud-based Google Photos platform.

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