Here's Our First Look At The Gamer-Focused Razer Phone, Apparently Inspired By The Nextbit Robin


The first image of the Razer Phone has been leaked, providing a glimpse of the gamer-focused Android smartphone that the video game accessory maker is planning to unveil on Nov. 1.

Through the image, along with the recently surfaced Razer Phone specs from a benchmark listing, gamers are slowly piecing together what they can expect from the upcoming device.

Razer Phone Looks Like The Nextbit Robin

TechByte has reportedly acquired an image of the Razer Phone that shows the back of the device. The picture was said to have come from an unnamed insider in the video game industry who received the smartphone for testing purposes.

The source might sound dubious, but the leaked image is certainly an interesting one. On the back of the alleged Razer Phone is the signature snake logo of the video game brand, and at the top of the device are dual cameras and their flash. Volume buttons can also be seen along the sides of the smartphone, though at a lower position than where they are traditionally located in most devices.

From just the leaked image, the Razer Phone already looks like it was inspired by the cloud-based Nextbit Robin. Razer purchased Nextbit early this year, starting theories that Razer will be jumping into the smartphone business soon. Rumors on a possible Razer smartphone escalated in July before the company finally posted a Razer Phone teaser last week that revealed a Nov. 1 announcement date for the device.

Razer Phone Specs And Features

The Razer Phone specifications were leaked a few days after the announcement date teaser. The leak claimed that the device will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, with internal storage of 64 GB, a 5.7-inch display, and, surprisingly, with 8 GB of RAM. Only a handful of flagship smartphones currently offer 8 GB of RAM, and if the feature will indeed be present in the Razer Phone, it could indeed be capable of providing a decent mobile gaming experience.

The Razer Phone is also said to run on a custom Android operating system that will be based on Android 7.0 Nougat. It is currently unclear just how exactly the device will be a gamer-focused one, but Tech Times has previously speculated that it could offer something like the Remote Play feature of the PlayStation Vita, which brings PlayStation 4 games into the handheld gaming device. The fact that it appears to be inspired by the Nextbit Robin likely also hints that it will be using the cloud in some manner.

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