Super Mario Odyssey Review Roundup: This Game Is Now The Best Thing About The Nintendo Switch


Super Mario Odyssey reviews have started trickling in, and one thing is clear: the latest entry into the long-running and well-loved franchise is the best thing about the Nintendo Switch right now.

The Super Mario Odyssey hype has been building up ever since it was formally announced alongside the Nintendo Switch early this year. It appears that the hype has been justified, as the open-world adventure is in the running to be the best Super Mario game ever created.

Super Mario Odyssey Lives Up To The Hype

Reviews for Super Mario Odyssey have been glowing brighter than the Moons that Mario collects in the game, with an overall score that is only rivaled in recent times by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is also an exclusive Nintendo Switch title.

Super Mario Odyssey follows the 3D platformer style found in past gems such as Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. However, the newest addition to the series massively builds upon that foundation, adding a new ability for Mario to take control of practically anything that he sees plus an expansive universe of different worlds, challenges, and side quests.

The first thing that captures players is the levels that were created for Super Mario Odyssey, described by Kotaku's Chris Kohler as "breathtakingly gorgeous, intricately designed, and wildly varied." The worlds, however, do not only look good, as Ars Technica's Kyle Orland noted just how packed the levels are with secrets that just beg to be discovered.

Moving across and in between worlds is supported by the simple fact that there are so many things that players can do in the game, ranging from easy objectives to insanely weird side quests. Combined with crisp controls and superb camera work, VentureBeat's Mike Minotti summed up what gamers won't like with Super Mario Odyssey in one word: Nothing.

The Verge's Andrew Webster said that "the game remains a constant delight to play," and that holds true even upon finishing Super Mario Odyssey. After the credits roll, players are given even more things to do in the game, keeping gamers hooked to arguably the best Nintendo Switch game so far.

What's Next For The Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch launched to massive success with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and the hybrid console will receive another boost into the holiday shopping season with Super Mario Odyssey.

Nintendo has not stopped improving the Nintendo Switch, with the version 4.0.0 firmware update adding a variety of features such as video capture and GameCube controller support. Along with 2018 Nintendo Switch games that include Metroid Prime 4, a Pokémon RPG, and new entries for Kirby and Yoshi, the future of the hybrid console looks as bright as ever.

Now, if only Nintendo can get around to solving the Nintendo Switch supply shortage.

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