New 'Super Mario Odyssey' Trailer Drives Up The Hype: Mario To Travel Across US To Promote Game


Nintendo released a new Super Mario Odyssey trailer that has all Nintendo Switch owners excited even more for the upcoming title.

As the Super Mario Odyssey release date draws closer, Mario himself will be travelling across the United States in a customized trailer to promote the game.

New Super Mario Odyssey Trailer Brings Excitement

Nintendo has uploaded a new Super Mario Odyssey trailer, and now Nintendo Switch gamers are looking forward even more to its release date of Oct. 27.

The trailer does not reveal anything new about the upcoming game, but it does provide a great look at how everything comes together for Super Mario Odyssey.

For those who have not been following all the previous Super Mario Odyssey news and trailers, the main mechanic of the open-world title is Cappy, Mario's red hat that gives him various abilities. Cappy can hit opponents, help Mario get to hard-to-reach locations, and allows Mario to capture things such as Goombas, a T-Rex, and even humans.

The trailer also showcases the various worlds of Super Mario Odyssey, as well as the costumes that Mario can wear in his new adventure. There is also a glimpse of two-player mode, which will allow one player to control Mario and the other to control Cappy.

The story of Super Mario Odyssey is very familiar for fans of the franchise. Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach again and is planning a wedding for them, and players will have to help Mario as he travels on his ship known as the Odyssey in a mission to save the princess.

Meet Mario And Cappy As They Travel Across US

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the year's most highly anticipated games, but Nintendo apparently thinks that it needs even more promotion.

Nintendo announced that Mario and Cappy will travel across the United States in a customized trailer, starting Oct. 10 and ending Oct. 26, the day before the Super Mario Odyssey release date.

The tour will kick off in Los Angeles at Universal CityWalk, and will pass through Dallas at the State Fair of Texas on Oct. 18, Chicago at Navy Pier on Oct. 21, Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Oct. 24, and finally New York at the Rockefeller Center on Oct. 26.

Gamers will likely not miss the decked-out trailer, which will feature Super Mario Odyssey artwork and a giant inflatable Cappy. Fans will be able to visit the trailer at the designated stops and play a preview of the Nintendo Switch game.

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