Smoking Marijuana May Be Good For Your Sex Life: Study


Smoking pot on a regular basis could actually be helpful for sex life, according to a new report. The study conducted by researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine has suggested that frequent pot use is related to an increased rate of coital frequency.”

Smoking Weed Leads To More Sex

Senior author of the study, Michael Eisenberg, said that frequent marijuana use does not seem to adversely impact sexual performance or motivation. In fact, the researcher noted that smoking weed frequently is linked to an increased rate of sexual activity.

The study pointed out that marijuana users are 20 percent more sexually active than those who abstain from weed. The research was based on data collected from 2002 to 2015 and it examined self-reported replies from over than 50,000 volunteers in the age group of 25 to 45.

The survey had also asked the participants how frequently they had engaged in sex with a partner from the opposite gender in the past month. Volunteers were also asked how often they had smoked pot in the past one year. Approximately 24.5 percent of the males and 14.5 percent of the females had replied in the affirmative.

The researchers found that the volunteers who had smoked marijuana were the ones who were more sexually active. The women who had not smoked weed in the past one year were found to have had sex 6.0 times on average in the last month in comparison with 7.1 times for the females who smoked up.

In case of the men, those who smoked weed daily were found to have had sex 6.9 times in the last month in comparison to 5.6 times for those who had not smoked marijuana.

Once the research team detected the positive link between pot use and sexual frequency, they thought there would be some groups for whom this pattern did not hold true. The researchers also added that they believed there would be different results based on marital status, education, race/ethnicity, and age. However, they saw the same association for every group that was studied.

Same Result Not Seen In Volunteers Using Other Drugs, Drinks

Interestingly, the researchers saw that the behavior was not related to the volunteers losing their inhibitions — because no positive correlation of increased sexual activity was found for those who had used drugs or other alcohol. Therefore, the study has suggested that the finding does not imply that people who are less inhibited have more sex or use drugs.

However, Eisenberg has mentioned that the study should not be misinterpreted as something that implies that if a person smokes more marijuana then they will have more sex.

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