Early iPhone X Videos, Images Give A Glimpse Of What To Expect From Apple's 'Future Of The Smartphone'


Some iPhone X units have been spotted in the wild, giving fans across the globe an early look ahead of schedule.

The new videos and images of the hotly anticipated iPhone are making the rounds online, one of which is a quick but sweet unboxing clip. Most notably, though, one shows the iPhone X in motion.

iPhone X In Action

Benjamin Geskin, aka @VenyaGeskin1, who has leaked a couple of reliable tech info in the past, posted a short video of the iPhone X being used. One thing worth pointing out here is that the Face ID app can be seen.

More than that, theapplehub shared a clip that provides a look of the iPhone X's rear and setup process on its Instagram page.

That's not all either, as also uploaded a video that features the iPhone X's box and the setup process too via Instagram.

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Among the current media in circulation, these are arguably the most interesting out of the pack because they go deeper than the rest.

iPhone X Unboxing Video

Instagram user abraham950 uploaded a short unboxing video of the iPhone X. The variant in the box is the Space Gray model, complete with the "Designed by Apple in California" booklet, which sat on top of the handset.

Wow #apple #iphonex #fanboyapple A post shared by Abraham Rodriguez (@abraham950) on Oct 28, 2017 at 12:54pm PDT

As for its legitimacy, it's highly likely it's the real deal, as the user has a good track record of sorts since their post of the iPhone 8 packaging from before.

iPhone X Unboxing Images

Geskin shared images of the iPhone X out of the box, which is courtesy of an Instagram post that has now been taken down. Compared with abraham950's post, the Silver variant of the handset is the star of the show this time around, and it's also packed with the same "Designed by Apple in California" booklet. What's more, it gives a glimpse of its rear, including its vertical dual-camera setup.

iPhone X Packaging Video, Images

Last but not least, Geskin uploaded a slew of photos that feature a ton of iPhone X units ready for shipping and a video of the packaging.

The Bottom Line

Of course, these iPhone X videos and images aren't much compared with full-on reviews, but at any rate, they're more than welcome.

As usual, it's recommended to take some of them with the proverbial grain of salt, but in their defense, they all seem to align with Apple's original packaging for the iPhone X. In contrast, the packaging of the fake Chinese knockoffs of the iPhone X feature an unmistakable lock icon on the front.

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