Aloy From 'Horizon Zero Dawn' Will Be In 'Monster Hunter: World': Beta Launch On Dec. 9


Monster Hunter: World, the latest installment in the massive popular series, has a couple of surprises up its sleeve for PlayStation 4 gamers, as announced in Paris Games Week 2017.

Aloy, the heroine of Horizon Zero Dawn, will make her way into Monster Hunter: World for the PlayStation 4. In addition, the game's beta will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Play As Aloy Of 'Horizon Zero Dawn' In 'Monster Hunter: World'

The Monster Hunter franchise has featured crossovers in the past, such as The Legend of Zelda armor that was brought into Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

For Monster Hunter: World, Capcom will continue that tradition with Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy to make her appearance in the beast-slaying game through an armor set.

Aloy took down robots in Horizon Zero Dawn, but she will be hunting real monsters made of flesh and blood in Monster Hunter: World. When players equip Aloy's armor set, their characters will look exactly like Aloy, including her facial features. There will also be armor available to make the player's Palico resemble on the machines in Horizon Zero Dawn.

The special equipment can be acquired through the collaboration event quest that will be opened online to players after the launch of Monster Hunter: World. Players will acquire special materials from the event that can then be taken to the blacksmith to create Aloy's armor set. The equipment will be available only to PlayStation 4 gamers as Horizon Zero Dawn is exclusive to the console.

'Monster Hunter: World' Beta To Launch Dec. 9

It was also announced at Paris Games Week that the Monster Hunter: World beta will launch on Dec. 9. Similar to Aloy's armor set, beta testing will be limited to the PlayStation 4. Furthermore, it will only be open to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The Monster Hunter: World beta, which will last until Dec. 12, will feature three missions which players can try on their own or with friends. Two missions will take place in The Great Forest, while the third mission will be in the Wildspire Waste.

In addition to these two maps, the Rotten Vale map was also unveiled. The map is filled with the corpses of creatures, with toxic mist in the inner layers obstructing the view. The Rotten Vale is also home to the Radobaan, a huge beast that wears the carcasses as armor.

The Monster Hunter: World beta will run about six weeks from the game's launch date, which is on Jan. 26, 2018. The title will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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