Sony: Prepare To See 7 New PlayStation Titles At Paris Games Week, Including VR Games


Sony is about to flood the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR with a new games lineup. At the Paris Games Week conference on Oct. 30, Sony will announce seven new titles for its home console and virtual reality headset.

But those games are just part of the whole parcel: a total of "21 game updates" that Sony claims players won't want to miss. These will be unveiled even before the show starts as part of an introductory livestream at 8:00 a.m. PT.

The main media presentation starts an hour after, which Sony says will deliver an "exclusive new look at the next wave of huge PlayStation titles." E3 was only "half the story," the company says, which certainly sounds promising for fans who are thirsty for new content, let alone platform exclusives.

Possible Announcements At Sony's Paris Games Week Conference

It's possible there could be big announcements during the show, including news about The Last of Us Part 2, as Forbes speculates. It's not technically a new "announcement" because players all know it's coming, but it was still a no-show at the company's E3 event this past June, so new information is long overdue.

What the seven new games could be is quite intriguing, but it's probably safe to imagine not all them will be big surprises. Sony will probably announce VR versions of past PS4 titles plus one or two indie games, but still, it's possible there's a big game Sony is keeping under wraps.

Sony is having a great year, that's for sure. Games such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, and Nier: Automata are just some of the best titles to come out on the platform, and that's an impressive achievement considering it's been such a powerhouse year for games, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being released in March, and Super Mario Odyssey finally launching Oct. 27. It's already a pretty stacked up year, so whether Sony can make the year even more flooded with excellent titles remains to be seen.

It's clear that 2017 is the year of the Nintendo Switch, and more importantly, the year that finally marks Nintendo brushing off its shoulders and coming back strong after its whole Wii U fiasco. But that doesn't mean Sony is left in the backseat. The PS4 is still the home console to beat, and while the Switch isn't a direct competition because it's technically a handheld, Nintendo is nonetheless hungry for more clamor and hype for its hybrid machine. Console wars are beginning again.

How To Livestream Sony's Paris Games Week Presentation

Sony will stream its entire show on Facebook, Twitch, its own website, and YouTube.

What a year for gaming it's been — and will be.

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