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Aloy From 'Horizon Zero Dawn' Will Be In 'Monster Hunter: World': Beta Launch On Dec. 9

'Monster Hunter: World' has two things in store for PlayStation 4 gamers. An armor set will bring Aloy from 'Horizon Zero Dawn' into the beast-slaying series, and the game's beta will only be open to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Video Games October 31, 2017

PlayStation's Paris Games Week 2017: Here Are The Biggest Announced Games We're All Excited For

Sony kicked off the Paris Games Week 2017 with an extensive list of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR games, including but not limited to 'Ghost of Tsushima' and 'The Last of Us Part II.'

Video Games October 31, 2017

Shadow Of The Colossus Remake Gameplay Trailer Unleashed At Paris Games Week 2017: Release Date Finally Revealed

Sony showcased a couple of trailers for the 'Shadow of the Colossus' remake at Paris Games Week. The official release date of the game for the PlayStation 4 has also been announced.

Video Games October 30, 2017

Sony: Prepare To See 7 New PlayStation Titles At Paris Games Week, Including VR Games

Sony is already on a roll this year with excellent exclusives, but more ones are coming in. The company has confirmed that seven new PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR games are going to be announced at Paris Games Week 2017.

Video Games October 29, 2017

PS4 Exclusive Open-World Game 'Wild' Lets You Possess And Control Animals Or Be Killed By Them

Michel Ancel demoed his latest open-world RPG game, called 'Wild,' at Paris Games Week, showing how the player can possess animals to further explore the world.

Geek October 29, 2015

'Wild' Will Have Multiplayer Inspired By Bloodborne, Male And Female Shamans

Wild Sheep Studio creative director Michel Ancel revealed additional details on the recently revealed 'Wild' open worked survival game through a post on the official PlayStation blog. One such detail is the choice that gamers have over playing a male or female character.

Video Games October 29, 2015

Oculus Social Alpha Lets You Explore Virtual Reality With Friends

Oculus wants to let people talk to each other during VR movies. Thankfully, this cinema has volume and mute buttons -- your mouth is moving but nothing is coming out.

Wearable Tech October 29, 2015

Sony Announces ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ For PlayStation 4 And PlayStation VR, Beta To Come In 2016

Sony just announced Gran Turismo Sport. It doesn't seem like a spinoff even though it's named like one.

Video Games October 28, 2015

7 PlayStation VR Games Announced At Paris Games Week, Including 'Until Dawn' And 'Tekken 7'

Today at the Paris Games Week, Sony held a PlayStation media briefing and unveiled some of its first major titles for PlayStation VR. Included are a new 'Until Dawn,' a new IP from Crytek and more.

Geek October 27, 2015

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