Yowza, this looks incredible. It's Italian food meets sweet chocolaty goodness and nobody gets hurt.

Most people never think of pasta as a desert ingredient, but the owners of a small bakery in Brooklyn have not only embraced the idea, they've taken it to the next level. Meet "Nutellasagna": a holy matrimony of Nutella chocolate spread and classic lasagna. We can't judge it taste-wise, but how can anything that sounds this good possibly be bad?

Robicelli's Bakery (via Gothamist), a wildly popular boutique bakery in New York, came up with the recipe during a special promotion that happened over the summer. It combines lasagna noodles, cannoli custard, roasted hazelnuts, belgian chocolate, marshmallows and Nutella.

Every single thing on that list is yum... Mmmmmm...

Oh sorry, wandered off to nom-nom land.

Robicelli's says you can pop it in the oven to eat it warm, or you can serve it at room temperature. Sadly for those outside of NYC, only New York residents are able to buy Nutellasagna — and it ain't cheap. Robicelli's doesn't ship its goods; products are only available to buy in the bakery itself (at 9009 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge) or for limited delivery in the Brooklyn area, though locals can order online.

Oh, and that price? $65 for a half tray, $120 for a full-sized tray. Like we said... Expensive. You'll need funds, which means deciding which organ your body can do without. But if forced to choose between a kidney and Nutellasagna, we think the answer's clear.

Robicelli's is only taking Nutellasagna orders until Sunday, December 21, 2014, so New York residents are advised to act fast.

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