Team Rocket Blasts Off To 'Pokémon Ultra Sun' And 'Ultra Moon' Along With Many Other Pokémon Villains


Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are shaping up into two amazing games, and that's evidenced by The Pokémon Company's recent announcement.

Making for one interesting development, players will go up against Team Rocket again, but to be exact, it's Team Rainbow Rocket, an evil organization that consists of not only the original big boss Giovanni but also other team leaders.

That's not all either, as there's a ton of legendaries in the game too and the new Battle Agency facility, Totem Stickers, and new Pokémon to catch with the QR Scanner and Island Scan.

Team Rainbow Rocket

As mentioned earlier, Team Rainbow Rocket is full of the foes players have encountered in previous Pokémon games, including Team Magma's Maxie and Team Aqua's Archie from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Team Galactic's Cyrus from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Team Plasma's Ghetsis from Pokémon Black and White, Team Flare's Lysandre from Pokémon X and Y, and, of course, Team Rocket's Giovanni from Pokémon Red and Blue, who is the leader of this new team.

'Pokémon Ultra Sun' And 'Ultra Moon' Legendaries

Aside from the legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala and the recently revealed Ultra Beasts UB Burst, UB Assembly, and UB Adhesive, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will have all the legendaries from older generations too.

They're a bit tricky to find and catch, though. While most of them can be found through Ultra Wormholes, some of them require the player to fulfill certain circumstances, such as the case with Suicune, where they need to have both Raikou and Entei in their party to encounter.

As always, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon each get exclusive legendaries. Here's a rundown of which Pokémon is in which:

Pokémon Ultra Sun:

• Dialga

• Groudon

• Heatran

• Ho-oh

• Latios

• Raikou

• Reshiram

• Tornadus

• Xerneas

Pokémon Ultra Moon:

• Lugia

• Entei

• Kyogre

• Latias

• Palkia

• Regigigas

• Zekrom

• Thundurus

• Yveltal

Battle Agency

Now the Battle Agency is a new facility where players can battle others with rented Pokémon. The rentable Pokémon will also increase as players interact with others locally or online, and the rewards for participating include items such as Gold Bottle Caps.

Totem Stickers

Last but not least, there will be Totem Stickers spread throughout the Alola region. Based on how many a player collects, they'll get huge totem-like Pokémon.

As for what totem-like Pokémon they can get, it'll depend on which version they're playing, whether it's Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon.

QR Scanner, Island Scan

Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon will also have the QR Scanner and Island Scan features, but the best part is, players will have the chance to catch other Pokémon that weren't in Pokémon Sun or Moon, such as Charmander, Grovyle, and Greninja, to name a few.

All these new additions seem fitting because the two are the last RPGs of the Pokémon series for the 3DS, after all, according to Game Freak. In other words, having to go through all the villains since the first generation in Pokémon Red and Blue just feel like a proper send-off of sorts, not to mention that the slew of legendaries from the previous generations are in the mix too.

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