Voice shopping just got a lot more diverse for Amazon Echo owners. In an odd turn of events, Best Buy is now supported on Alexa's voice shopping service, allowing customers to order items just by barking them to the smart speaker.

It's odd because Amazon directly competes with brick-and-mortar stores, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target included. This represents brick-and-mortar locations adapting to modern methods of shopping to keep up with the times. Do they have a choice?

Starting Nov. 3, customers will be able to learn about the retailer's Deal of the Day products and promptly place orders. They can also buy from a tailored list of recommendations based on their needs. Presumably, Best Buy will learn what users frequently buy and brands they prefer the more they shop.

Best Buy Is Excited About Voice Technology

Best Buy says it's excitement for voice technology is what pushed it to offer voice shopping on Amazon Alexa.

"It's why we're exploring these new voice shopping features, and why we added new Amazon Alexa and Google Home experiences in about 700 of our stores earlier this year," said Best Buy in a statement.

Best Buy isn't the first to offer voice shopping, as Walmart and Target both already have similar services via Google Assistant. Also, this isn't the first time Amazon has let competitors in its own turf, as both Spotify and Pandora nest snugly with Amazon's own music service on Echo devices.

How To Voice Shop On Best Buy Via Amazon Alexa

Setting up the service is easy. Users just need to download and install the Best Buy skill on their Alexa-powered devices. Once that's done, simply say, "talk to Best Buy." Alexa will offer users to link their Best Buy accounts to the Alexa app and will also require them to turn on location services.

For those who want to learn about the retailer's Deal of the Day lineup, Alexa will list those as well and ask if customers want to make a purchase.

The move speaks volumes for Best Buy's 2020 strategy, which it laid out in September. Part of that involves evolving what it sells. In this case, how it sells the product is what's evolved.

The retailer says it'll continue thinking about expanded voice shopping features for its customers. This Alexa skill is just the beginning, as "there will be more to come!"

Voice shopping is one feature of smart speakers that both Amazon and Google have been experimenting with for quite some time. It makes grocery shopping significantly easier for those who don't want to hop in their car and go to the nearest Best Buy or Walmart just to pick up a few things.

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