You Can Now Try Moira On The 'Overwatch' PTR: Here Are Some Tips For Using The New Healer Hero


Moira, the new healer hero for Overwatch, has been added as a playable character on the game's public test region just days after she was revealed by Blizzard at BlizzCon 2017.

The excitement for Moira has been at fever pitch, as she has the potential to become the top support hero in the massively popular multiplayer shooter. Here are some tips on how to use Moira for Overwatch PC players who want to see her in action for themselves on the PTR.

Overwatch PTR Adds Moira: Tips For The New Hero

Blizzard has added Moira to the Overwatch PTR, so PC players can now try using the new healer hero.

Moira's main weapon, the Biotic Grasp, sufficiently heals allies and deals damage. The healing side heals teammates for 80 health per second, which is slightly more than what Mercy can do. Players should know that Moira can heal more than one ally at once and leave a small healing-over-time effect of four seconds, so players should hold back on overusing the ability.

Another reason for not using the healing side of Biotic Grasp too much is that it uses a resource meter that recharges slowly while she is not using the skill. A faster way to recharge the resource meter is to use the damaging side of Biotic Grasp, which is a beam that deals 40 damage to a single target per second. The beam has a short range of 20 meters and needs to be aimed well at targets to maintain contact, but it has no ammo, so it can be used with no limit.

Moira's Biotic Orb skill also has a healing and damaging version, with the healing version tethering to allies for 60 health per second and disappearing after 300 health is recovered. The damaging version tethers to enemies for 60 damage per second, up to 200 damage dealt. The orbs can bounce off the ceiling, floor, or walls, so players will get the most out of it in tight spaces and will not have to aim as well.

Moira also has a Fade skill similar to Tracer's Blink and resembling Reaper's Shadow Step. She gains speed, invisibility, and invulnerability for a second, so players can use the skill to aggressively get closer to enemies or to step away from the middle of clashes and focus on healing.

Her ultimate, Coalescence, is a long-range beam that both heals allies and damages enemies. The best location to use this is in tight spaces such as tunnels and doorways. The beam also pierces barriers, so enemies hiding behind Reinhardt and Orisa will also be affected.

Will Moira Overtake Mercy As The Top 'Overwatch' Healer?

Mercy has been the quintessential healer in Overwatch teams, but Moira can definitely take her spot.

Moira can heal allies faster compared to Mercy, and she can heal multiple teammates using Biotic Grasp and Biotic Orb, whereas Mercy needs to activate her ultimate Valkyrie skill to do so.

Mercy with Valkyrie has recently been used as a battle form, but Moira is definitely capable of killing opponents with just her normal skills. Moira's ultimate, on the other hand, is capable of swinging matches into her team's favor.

It is too early to say if teams will drop Mercy for Moira, though. Will she be heavily used in season 1 of the Overwatch League?

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