The iPhone X has barely entered the market, but we already have information on the premium Apple smartphone's successors.

Yes, that's successors with an "S," as according to a research note by famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, there will be two follow-ups to the iPhone X next year.

Two iPhone X Successors, Including iPhone X Plus

In his note, Kuo said that the iPhone models with OLED display and a stainless steel metal frame will increase to two in 2018 compared to only one, the iPhone X, this year.

Kuo claims that the 2018 iPhone models will feature a more complex design for their metal frames and casing assembly, which might mean that they will look different compared to what the iPhone X looks like now. The metals frames, in particular, will have more components compared to the four parts in the iPhone X. The change will be made to improve the quality of data transmissions by the devices.

Kuo's note coincides with claims that all of the iPhone models that Apple will release next year will feature OLED displays. In addition to making the change in screens, Apple is also reportedly dropping the Touch ID fingerprint recognition system with the Face ID facial recognition system in its iPhones, despite the security issues being associated with the feature.

With two upcoming iPhone X successors though, one of them is being expected as a larger iPhone X Plus, with a 6.4-inch screen compared to the 5.8-inch screen of the iPhone X.

The name of the iPhone X successor at the same size, however, is open to all guesses. With Apple insisting that we call the iPhone X as the iPhone "10" instead of iPhone "Ex," the other OLED iPhone next year could be named the iPhone XI or the iPhone 11. It can even be known as the iPhone XS, with Apple returning to the convention that it seemingly dropped when it jumped from the iPhone 7 last year to the iPhone 8 this year.

Apple Already Moving On From The iPhone X?

As news on the iPhone X successors are now released, many customers may be wondering why Apple is seemingly moving on from the iPhone X.

With the long lead time for devices, Apple is likely not moving on from the iPhone X but rather looking forward to its future. So yes, while some customers who have not yet received their iPhone X orders are still waiting, Apple is already thinking of ways to make the smartphone obsolete.

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