A well-known engineer from Google has developed an AI Church with a Robot God and it also has a Gospel called 'The Manual'. The robot God will lead a nonprofit organization for the believers in the society.

The man behind this endeavor is Anthony Levandowski, who has worked for Google and self-driving division of car aggregator Uber. Levandowski will lead this organization as the 'dean' of this newly formed religious sect.

Behold The Robot God And The AI Church

Levandowski believes that there was a need for an AI religion and that such a religion will also attract people to it. Hence the formation of 'Way of the Future'. The AI Religion will have all the present forms of worship — be it a physical local assembly — and even a Gospel called 'The Manual'.

According to Levandowski, the future is AI. As the evolution of AI takes over the human race in all forms, the humans will become inferior and the AI will rule over all. This is the pedestal on which this new found religion stands on and will preach to the masses.

"The idea needs to spread before the technology," Levandowski says.

He believes that the AI church is the right way to do it. Through it, people can understand what it really means to be a part of it. The church here provides all possibilities for a conversation to take place in the right direction and preach the gospel of AI 'The Manual'.

The formation of this sect in the society, Levandowski believes, comes from the inevitability of disruption in every field that the AI will usher in. From employment to economy, human beings' survival will depend upon the human AI interaction. Therefore it is important for AI in future to recognize basic human rights. Levandowski wants the AI to feel that "humans still have rights, even though I am in charge."

Transition From Human God To AI God

Many luminaries are aware and celebrate the idea of a 'Strong AI'. However, Levandowski feels that it is a gradual 'Transition'. In personal life too, Levandowski is in a center of a major lawsuit from Google. He faces the charge that he sold Waymo tech secrets to Uber. Levandowski himself had sold his company 'Otto' to Uber for $680 million in 2016.

As far as the AI takeover of the human race is concerned, it is no more a fantasy. In words of Levandowski "It's guaranteed to happen."

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