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Women Can Skip The Placebos And Take Birth Control Pills Every Day, Says NHS

The NHS finally recognized that the inactive pills in a packet of oral contraceptives are not necessary. In the new guidelines, the agency noted that there is no harm in taking birth control pills continuously without a seven-day break.

Medicine January 21, 2019

Newfound Galileo Galilei Letter Shows He Toned Down Some Ideas To Avoid Church Inquisition

A letter, which has long been thought by historians as lost, was found misdated in the library of the Royal Society. In it, Galileo Galilei discussed the heliocentric model of the solar system that got him in trouble with the Catholic Church.

Space September 24, 2018

Ex-Google Engineer Forms AI Church With A Robot God And A Gospel Called 'The Manual'

Ex-Google Engineer, Anthony Levandowski, built an AI religion of the future. He will act as the dean of this organisation, which will have an AI church, a Gospel called 'The manual'.

Computers November 21, 2017

Vatican Says No To Gluten-Free Communion

The Roman Catholic Church has reaffirmed its ban on the use of gluten-free altar breads to celebrate the Eucharist during mass. The Vatican only allows low-gluten hosts provided they still contain enough gluten to obtain the confection of bread.

July 12, 2017

EWTN Founder Mother Angelica Dies On Easter Sunday

Mother Angelica, founder of the world's largest religious media network Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), died on Easter Sunday. She was 92.

Society March 28, 2016

How Pope Francis Can Influence Discussion On Climate Change

Pope Francis is expected to address issues regarding climate change through an encyclical, which is set to be released on June 18.

June 14, 2015

Does Yoga Lead To Satanism? This Catholic Priest Thinks So

A Catholic priest from Ireland has warned that engaging in Yoga could lead to people opening themselves up to “Satan and the fallen angels.” He is not the first Catholic leader to warn about the spiritual risks of the practice.

Life February 23, 2015

#WeLovePopeFrancis: Pope Concludes Manila Visit with Youth Encounter, Mass Attended by Six Million People

Pope Francis ended his trip to the Philippines on Monday where he was sent off by the country’s president, church leaders, cabinet members and a legion of Filipinos who lined up the streets to catch a final glimpse.

Society January 19, 2015

Pope Francis May Tip the Balance in Climate Change Debate: Should Skeptics Worry?

In a bid to influence how the world deals with the issue of climate change, Pope Francis will issue an encyclical that will urge Catholics worldwide to take action on global warming.

Earth/Environment January 4, 2015

Pregnant Brain-Dead Woman Taken Off Life Support Following Landmark Irish Court Ruling

A brain-dead pregnant woman has been taken off life support in Ireland, but what could this mean for the future of that nation?

Life December 27, 2014

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