Gamers everywhere may still be reeling from the Steam Fall Sale, but Valve has no sympathy for the wallets of its fans: just a week after the Fall Sale took over the online gaming service, another sale has reared its head - while it may not be on the same scale as its predecessor, The 2014 Game Awards Sale is already here, and it's not pulling any punches.

To celebrate the annual award show, Valve has placed all of the nominees on sale. Again, it's not on the same scale as the Fall Sale a week ago, but the 2014 Game Awards Sale is far more focused: sure, there were 5,000+ titles on sale last week, but how many of them were actually worth playing? For the Game Awards Sale, this is the best 2014 had to offer, and as a result, the selection is far more enticing.

Some of the biggest games of the year, such as South Park: The Stick of Truth, The Walking Dead: Season Two, Alien Isolation and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor are all on sale. These aren't tiny 10% discounts, either: many of the prices mirror that of the Fall Sale, meaning that most of these titles are half-off or more. It's almost like a second chance for those that missed the sales the first time around.

If there's one thing that's strange about the sale page, it's that there's a lot of full-priced and unreleased games on display. No one expected Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare or Assassin's Creed Unity to get a discount, but the fact that Batman: Arkham Knight is even on the list is strange - the game won't even hit store shelves until next June. It's not a huge deal, but it may confuse some customers who assume that everything on the page is on sale.

All in all, it's nice that Steam is honoring the Game Awards nominees. Few would have expected for the library to go back on sale so soon after one of the year's biggest events, but a chance to get so many high-quality games for a fraction of the price isn't something many people are going to complain about.

For a full listing of everything on sale, head on over to Steam.

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