Intel announces a cooperation with entertainment company Warner Bros. to develop a self-driving car that can also serve as consumer space for riders. The collaboration between the two giant companies is made official at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich made it clear that the multinational technology company wants to pioneer what he refers to an in-cabin, immersive experience in autonomous vehicles or self-driving automobiles. 

In a press statement, Krzanich stated that once car owners are no longer drivers, but mere riders in autonomous cars, they will have plenty of time to spare while waiting to arrive at their respective destinations.

"As passengers shift from being drivers to riders, their connected-device time, including video-viewing time, will increase. In fact, recent transportation surveys indicate the average American spends more than 300 hours per year behind the wheel," he added.  

VR And AR In Futuristic Vehicles

If there is one thing that would certainly be present in these self-driving vehicles, that would be entertainment — the perfect way to kill the time. The press release provided a few ways to keep riders busy. One promising feature would be virtual reality (VR). Krzanich mentioned one possibility wherein "a fan of the superhero Batman could enjoy riding in the Batmobile through the streets of Gotham City" instead of seeing what's really outside.

On the other hand, the car may support augmented reality (AR) as well where it will have a lens to the outside world. This is where the riders can view advertisements, promotions and other 'discovery experiences.' The only potential problem with push ads is that consumers may not be comfortable seeing them on their car's windshields and windows. However, these possible issues can easily be addressed if there would be an option to turn off these ads and notifications. 

It would be interesting to see how this new technology in self-driving cars would turn out. Given that Intel has partnered with entertainment giant Warner Bros., other forms of entertainment that may be made available to autonomous vehicles include movies, exclusive content, and even games. 

Gaining Consumer Trust

Intel has inked a deal with Mobileye, which develops safety features for vehicles. The goal is to gain the trust of consumers in shifting to autonomous or driverless driving, assuring them that it is actually safer than conventional cars. The company's next step is to test-run 100 autonomous automobiles where both the entertainment and safety features will be evaluated and tested. 

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