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Waymo One Driverless Taxi Service Launches In The US, But There’s A Catch

Waymo One is launching in Phoenix. The service, Waymo’s first official foray into a commercial driverless taxi service, will come with a few important caveats.

Car Tech December 6, 2018

Apple Self-Driving Car Project To Make Driverless Employee Shuttles With Volkswagen

The once ambitious Project Titan, Apple's efforts on self-driving car technology, has been relegated to driverless Volkswagen shuttles for employees. The partnership comes after Apple was rejected by BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Apple May 24, 2018

What To Expect In Self-Driving Cars? Entertainment And Advertisements, Of Course

Intel announced its collaboration with Warner Bros. to develop virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) innovations in self-driving cars of the future.

Car Tech December 1, 2017

Waymo Wants Uber To Pay $2.6 Billion For Allegedly Stealing One Trade Secret

Alphabet’s Waymo is asking Uber to pay $2.6 billion in damages for a trade secret it claims one former Uber executive stole. The trial date for the high-stakes legal battle is set on Oct. 10.

Business Tech September 21, 2017

Uber's Self-Driving Venture Might Live On As Judge Says Waymo Has No 'Smoking Gun'

The plot embroiling Google’s Waymo and Uber in a trade secret theft case thickens. A judge has now said there’s no 'smoking gun' evidence suggesting that Uber had actually used documents Anthony Levandowski stole from Waymo.

Business Tech May 4, 2017

Startup NIO Unveils Eve, A Driverless Car That’s Really More Of A Luxurious Living Room

Meet NIO’s Eve, a concept consumer car designed to offer passengers a mobile living area experience thanks to driverless technology. NIO plans to release the car by 2020.

Car Tech March 13, 2017

Waymo’s Legal Battle With Uber Explained: What’s In Store For Both Car Companies At War?

Google’s legal battle against Uber over allegedly stolen plans and trade secrets gather more steam. Who will truly finish first in the tough race to pioneer widespread driverless technology?

Business Tech March 11, 2017

Elon Musk Predicts Driverless Cars To Be The Norm In 10 Years

Elon Musk believes that in 10 years, every car from automaker will be built with full autonomous driving capabilities. The effect of such a change, however, will take time.

Car Tech February 14, 2017

California Allows Limited Testing Of Self-Driving Cars Without Human Backup Drivers, Steering Wheel

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill that allows the testing of self-driving cars without human backup drivers and manual controls. The bill, however, applies certain limitations to such tests.

Car Tech October 1, 2016

Uber Competitor Grab Joins Driverless Car Scene In Partnership With nuTonomy In Singapore

Grab announced its partnership with nuTonomy, a software developer startup specializing in self-driving technology. Together, the companies will begin their test run of self-driving services in Singapore.

Car Tech September 23, 2016

US Now Requires Self-Driving Car Companies To Pass Safety Assessment Letter: Here Are The 15 Points In A Nutshell

Self-driving car companies are now required to submit a safety assessment letter to the NHTSA under the new guidelines of the United States. The safety assessment contains 15 points, and here they are in a nutshell.

Car Tech September 21, 2016

US Gov't To Roll Out Self-Driving Car Guidelines: Companies Will Need To Meet 15-Point Safety Assessment Under New Policies

The Department of Transportation will publish the country's first federal guidelines for self-driving cars on its website on Sept. 20. The new policies will require companies to pass a 15-point safety assessment before their vehicles are unleashed on public roads.

Car Tech September 19, 2016

Uber Self-Driving Cars Hit Streets In Pittsburgh: Could This Be The End For Human-Driven Rides?

Uber launched its first self-driving cars in Pittsburgh this week. While the company sees a bright future in robot cars, its driver partners are growing concerned that they could soon lose their jobs to machines.

Car Tech September 15, 2016

Ford To Start Selling Affordable Autonomous Cars By 2025

Ford intends to sell affordable autonomous vehicles that the masses can buy for themselves by 2025. The Michigan-based car manufacturer is investing a lot of effort and resources to meet its projected timeframe.

Car Tech September 13, 2016

Delphi And Mobileye Team Up To Deliver Driverless Cars In 2019

Delphi and Mobileye are teaming up to develop a complete automated driving solution. The fruit of their work won't be seen until 2019, which is around the same time most companies will be releasing driverless cars to consumers.

Car Tech August 24, 2016

Germany To Require A Black Box In Every Self-Driving Car Due To Recent Tesla Accidents

Germany is planning new legislation that will require vehicles with self-driving capabilities to have black boxes installed. The black boxes will help in determining whether the driver or the vehicle is responsible in case of any accidents.

Car Tech July 19, 2016

BMW Teaming Up With Intel, Mobileye For An Open Platform For Self-Driving Cars by 2021

BMW, Intel and Mobileye have teamed up for the development of self-driving car technology that will be used for BMW's iNext autonomous electric vehicle. The iNext is slated for a 2021 release.

Car Tech July 1, 2016

Tesla Model S Driver Killed In Crash While On Autopilot Mode: First Self-Driving Car Fatality

The NHTSA launched an investigation into the Autopilot system of Tesla Motors, as a Model S driver was killed in an accident while the feature was activated. The incident is the first death related to a self-driving car.

Car Tech July 1, 2016

Faraday Future Gets Green Light To Test Driverless Car In California

The California Department of Motor Vehicles approved Faraday Future's request to test its driverless car within the Golden State. Production prototypes are expected to roll out later this year

Car Tech June 26, 2016

Driverless Cars: Save Passengers Or Save Pedestrians? The Dilemma Of How Moral Should We Make Our Robots

There's an impending social dilemma threatening the progress of driverless cars. People's ideas on AI morality could cause regulators to step in.

Car Tech June 24, 2016

Forget Hiring A Driver: The Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 Is A Driverless Car Fit For A King

Rolls-Royce just unveiled its luxurious take on the driverless car. This thing will have an engine unlike anything available today.

Car Tech June 19, 2016

Google Self-Driving Cars Learn Basic Driving Skill: Honking The Horn

Google self-driving cars now know how and when it's appropriate to honk. More than that, it can also make sounds similar to traditional vehicles to let pedestrians and cyclists know of its presence.

Car Tech June 3, 2016

Google Setting Up Facility In Detroit For Self-Driving Car Technology

Google is setting up a facility in the Greater Detroit area that will focus on developing self-driving car technology. The structure covers 53,000 square feet, with Google expecting to move into the structure before the year ends.

Google May 27, 2016

Google And Fiat Chrysler Officially Team Up For Self-Driving Minivan

Google and Fiat Chrysler are officially working together to develop the next fleet of self-driving cars, and to be exact, they're going to use 2017 Pacifica minivans.

Car Tech May 4, 2016

Self-Driving Car Successfully Drives Itself 1200 Miles Across China In Six Days

Chinese automaker and Ford’s partner Chongqing Changan Automobile Co. said that its self-driving cars have successfully traveled across China covering more than 1,200 miles. The journey lasted for six days at an average of 200 miles a day.

FUTURE TECH April 20, 2016

Uber Reportedly Shopping For Driverless Cars But Ordered 100,000 S-Class Mercedes-Benz: Ultra-Premium Service Perhaps?

Uber is reported to have ordered 100,000 autonomous Mercedes S-Class in a bid to expand its own car fleet. The cars will cut costs on drivers and offer premium services to customers.

Business March 19, 2016

Britain Opens Motorways For Driverless Car Testing In 2017

Finance minister George Osborne will soon announce the approval of self-driving car testing in the United Kingdom motorways starting next year. The move looks to invite investments from high-profile companies developing autonomous cars such as Google.

FUTURE TECH March 14, 2016

Google Could Soon Test Its Self-Driving Cars On The Streets Of London

Google could test its self-driving cars in London, where transport officials of the capital and the tech company are in 'active discussions.' The UK government appears to be keen in adopting the technology, with plans to invest £20 million (about $29 million) in eight self-driving car projects.

FUTURE TECH February 6, 2016

Study Says Self-Driving Cars Are Safer Than Human-Driven Vehicles: Should You Believe It?

A study commissioned by Google revealed that self-driving cars were involved in fewer accidents compared to human-driven vehicles. Is this a definite proof that autonomous cars are safer, or are further studies needed?

FUTURE TECH January 12, 2016

Tesla Model S Autopilot Software Update Will Soon Let Owners Remotely Park Their Vehicles

Tesla has rolled out driverless valet to Model S cars. You still have to stick around for the parking though.

FUTURE TECH January 10, 2016

BlackBerry Joins Self-Driving Car Race At CES 2016, Unveiling QNX Software For Driverless Cars

BlackBerry showcased its QNX self-driving technology at CES 2016 on a modified Toyota Highlander and a Jeep Wrangler. Read on to see the prospects of BlackBerry’s autonomous driving technologies in a market divided between Google and Tesla.

Automotive Tech January 9, 2016

Self-Driving 2016 Ford Fusion Ready To Hit California Roads For Testing Next Year

Ford announced it is preparing to unleash a fleet of autonomous Fusion hybrid cars on California's roads. Motown Cali's back again, doing another West Coast research.

FUTURE TECH December 16, 2015

Stanford Built A Self-Driving DeLorean That Drifts

Researchers from Stanford University built an electric, self-driving DeLorean that is capable of drifting and doing donuts. The vehicle is named the Multiple Actuator Research Test bed for Yaw control, or MARTY.

FUTURE TECH October 21, 2015

California DMV Publishing Self-Driving Car Accident Reports

The reports reveal Google's autonomous cars being involved in eight accidents, none of which can be blamed on the tech company's driverless technology.

FUTURE TECH October 9, 2015

Volvo Will Take Blame If Self-Driving Cars Get Into Accidents

The automaker's CEO and president, Håkan Samuelsson, will make that part of his announcement during a seminar on autonomous cars Thursday in Washington D.C., while also reportedly planning to urge the United States to push national uniform regulations for driverless cars forward.

FUTURE TECH October 8, 2015

US Testing Driverless Cars? China Has Its Own Driverless Bus

Alphabet, Tesla and BMW – as well as US, China and Belgium – are racing to craft the smoothest driverless vehicles. But the world is missing out completely on something else.

FUTURE TECH October 8, 2015

Toyota Aims To Roll Out With Self-Driving Cars By 2020, Claims It Has Been Testing Technology Since 1990s

Toyota plans on introducing its autonomous vehicles around 2020 and thinks it may have an advantage over its competitors since the automaker has been developing the technology longer than the rest.

October 6, 2015

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Loves Driverless Cars, And He Thinks Car Lovers Should Too

Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, thinks that car lovers should embrace driverless cars. While Brin concedes that open-road driving is enjoyable, drivers would want cars to drive themselves in most situations.

FUTURE TECH October 5, 2015

Self-Driving Taxis Will Hit The Roads Next Year In Japan: Fully Operational By 2020?

Self-driving cars will soon be hitting the roads of Japan next year. The country aims to commercialize driverless transport service by 2020 if the experiment on using the service initially to 50 people in an area near Tokyo proves to be successful.

FUTURE TECH October 2, 2015

Google Wants To Make Self-Driving Cars Drive Like 'Humans': Is The Future Of Road Safety In Trouble?

Google is making its driverless cars act in a more 'humanistic' fashion. Will introducing human features beat the project's entire purpose of removing human error and making roads safer?

FUTURE TECH October 1, 2015

Honda Gets Approval From California To Test Self-Driving Cars On Roads

Honda joins Mercedez-Benz, Tesla, Nissan and BMW as recent auto manufacturers to be granted a testing permit for driverless cars on California roads.

FUTURE TECH September 14, 2015

How New Laser Technology Can Make Driverless Cars Hit Market Faster And Cheaper In Cost

University of California researchers have figured out a new laser technology, by which they can move mirrors with the lasers themselves -- allowing for a lighter, cheaper sensor to work as the eyes of autonomous vehicles and robots.

FUTURE TECH September 4, 2015

Jeep Cherokee Hackers Join Uber To Make Its Autonomous Car Technology Hack-Proof

Uber just recruited two hackers to spot security issues it may have overlooked. Meanwhile, it works on giving its driverless cars better eyes.

FUTURE TECH August 31, 2015

As Self-Driving Cars Get Closer, Auto Makers Beef Up Safety Advances

A Forbes report pinpoints more auto manufacturers offering lane-departure warnings and possibly lane-keeping as advanced technologies that will help bridge the gap between now and the day autonomous vehicles are mass produced.

FUTURE TECH August 31, 2015

Report Says Apple Is Looking For A Testing Center For Its Rumored Self-Driving Car

Correspondence exclusively obtained by The Guardian reveal that Apple's self-driving car is further along than most have suspected.

FUTURE TECH August 15, 2015

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