iPhone X Delivery Time Improves In US: You Only Have To Wait For 1 Week Or Less


The Shipping estimates for iPhone X has improved. In the United States, if customers order iPhone X today they will receive it within a week or less.

The Improvement In Shipping Of iPhone X

The new shipping estimates have improved from 1 to 2-week shipping estimates during the last week of November.

iPhone X shipping has also improved in Canada. Many countries in Europe have also seen an improved shipment of the phone. The countries in the Asia Pacific have only begun to experience better shipping estimates.

In Canada, the shipping estimate is 5 most European countries, the online store delivery date is Dec. 11, or a little more than a week.

In countries such as Australia and New Zealand, plus other countries, the shipping estimates range anywhere from several days to two weeks.

Apple has been propping up its production of iPhone X to meet the growing demand. During the Thanksgiving holiday, Apple has sold a record number of iPhone X. The numbers reaching more than 6 million units sold over the Black Friday weekend.

The pre-orders for iPhone X started by Oct. 27. Back then the estimates were as high as 5 to 6 weeks. Apple has been able to deliver beyond the expectations. Rumor has it that the iPhone X will suffer a high degree of supply constraints. However, the improvements in the supply of the handsets suggests otherwise. Apple is likely to close the gap between supply-demand imbalance soon.

Pre-order Delivery Of iPhone X Expedited

The deliveries of the pre-ordered iPhone X has also picked up the pace. Apple is making sure that its stocks are fulfilling these deliveries first. The customers whose delivery dates were for December are receiving the handsets quicker than expected. Many received it during the month of November itself.

Tim Cook, in the beginning of November, mentioned that the phone's production will ramp up to meet the rising demands. To meet demands "as soon as possible," he said.

While the online sale has picked up to deliver on time, the brick and mortar stores are showing all iPhone X models as out of stock. For physical stores to fasten with the deliveries, there is no indication of improvement on it as of now. It seems the online shopping will remain the point of purchase for a coming couple of months.

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