Apple Support is taking things to the next level, with the launch of its very own YouTube channel with videos showing iOS tips and tricks.

With this special YouTube channel, Apple aims to upload a number of useful and educational videos so that iPhone and iPad owners can handle their device more easily. With various tips and tricks straight from the source, users should be able to maximize their iOS experience with little to no hassle.

Apple Support YouTube Channel

Apple's iPhones and iPads come with a slew of features that some might find overwhelming, especially if it's their first iOS ride. Sure, each device comes with a user manual and Apple also has support pages online but watching instructive videos could be the fastest and easiest way to better get accustomed to a device.

The videos featured on the Apple Support channel on YouTube offer easy tips on a number of iOS things, from how to change the wallpaper to how to delete call history, save GIFs, and more.

The videos should cover most scenarios in which iPhone and iPad users could be looking for assistance, and more videos will surface in time. For now, the channel is finally live after staying inactive since its Oct. 5 registration, and Apple Support has added 10 how-to short clips.

Each video lasts for up to two minutes and it offers instructions in a simple, easy-to-understand manner so that even less tech-savvy users can handle the task. Each video will show the instructions on the left side, and an iPhone on the right side of the screen, demonstrating each part of the process. The videos also have narrated instructions throughout the whole process, and English subtitles are also available.

Apple Extends Social Media Presence

The new Apple Support channel on YouTube adds to the existing Apple channel, complementing it. At the same time, it joins the existing Apple Support website, the Apple Support iOS app, and the official Apple Support account on Twitter.

Apple will add more instructive videos on its Apple Support YouTube channel in time, but for now, the 10 videos that are already available should cover some of the most frequent needs.

The YouTube channel, however, is designed to offer tips and tricks for more basic things such as how to take screenshots, not more advanced issues. For assistance on more complicated matters, iOS users will still be better off contacting Apple Support on the main website or on Twitter.

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