The smallest, cheapest iPhone in Apple's lineup could get an upgrade soon. A new report claims the iPhone Se 2 will hit the scene in the first half of 2018.

The current iPhone SE is like an iPhone 6s in a smaller form factor with a 4-inch display, and the next-generation iPhone SE 2 is expected to be equally compact. While the trend continues to favor increasingly larger smartphones, smaller handsets still appeal to some consumers who want a more compact device they can easily operate one-handedly.

iPhone SE 2 Gearing Up For 2018 Release

While the existing iPhone SE did get a refresh back in March of this year, getting some new storage configurations, a more serious upgrade is still overdue. The iPhone SE 2 could get a more powerful processor, and Apple could also add some improvements in the camera department.

According to a new report from China Economic Daily, Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone SE 2 by July 2018 at a price point of roughly $450, the same as when the iPhone SE originally hit the scene. The existing iPhone SE now retails at a lower price point starting at $349, and the iPhone SE 2 will likely take its place in the lineup.

Make In India

Taiwanese manufacturer Winstron will reportedly make the iPhone SE 2 at its Bengaluru factory in India where it also manufactured the iPhone SE. Considering that the current iPhone SE made its debut in March 2016, and got a refresh in March 2017, the iPhone SE 2 could make its debut around the same time next year.

The iPhone SE 2 is reportedly in the initial stages of development already. It seems to be part of Apple's Make in India efforts to produce locally and reduce the manufacturing costs as well as the price of the handset.

In addition to India, the iPhone SE 2 will also target markets such as Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia. China Economic Daily also adds that the smartphone will come in 32 GB and 128 GB storage configurations.

iPhone SE 2 Specs

The report doesn't offer any additional details regarding the iPhone SE 2's specifications, but the handset is expected to be quite powerful. Considering that the original iPhone SE got the same specs as the then-flagship iPhone 6s, the iPhone SE 2 could get the same or similar hardware as the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X.

Apple's A11 chip might be too much for the compact smartphone, but an A10 Fusion processor would make sense for the iPhone SE 2 and it's still powerful enough. The handset is expected to pack 2 GB of RAM.

The iPhone SE 2 will reportedly have a trial run late this year and enter mass production in the first quarter of 2018.  

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