Apple rushed out iOS 11.2 late on Friday night to deal with a severe restart bug, but the update comes with its own issues as well and it might not be the best idea for everyone to upgrade.

The new iOS 11.2 comes as the seventh iOS 11 update, and it's among the biggest ones yet. Since Apple had to rush it out, however, it's not as polished and clean as it should be, and in some cases, it might do more damage than good.

Should You Upgrade To iOS 11.2?

Many iOS users have been affected by the restart bug, also known as the date bug, which caused devices to crash repeatedly, stuck in a loop of recurring notifications. For those who had this issue, iOS 11.2 is indeed a solution and they should install the update as soon as possible. Although iOS 11.2 is rushed, it doesn't have any issues worse than having the device crash and become virtually inoperable.

For those who were not affected by the restart bug, it might be a better idea to hold off rather than updating to iOS 11.2, especially if one has an iPhone X. The rushed update reportedly causes Face ID to stop working on Apple's most expensive iPhone.

iPhone X Face ID Issues On iOS 11.2

According to the user reports, iPhone X smartphones started showing an odd message saying, "Unable to activate Face ID on this phone" after upgrading to iOS 11.2. It remains unclear just what causes this issue and it seems that it doesn't affect all iPhone X units, but it does seem widespread enough. Those who already installed the update and had issues with Face ID will have to reboot their iPhone X, which seems to fix this problem in most cases.

Since the release was so rushed to take care of a serious issue, the overall stability of iOS 11.2 is not as it should be. Some things may not work properly. Apple Pay Cash, for instance, is now present but it's still not working, as Apple has yet to flip the switch on the server side of things.

The company may still have some tweaks to make, but the urgency of the crash bug warranted a premature iOS 11.2 release. It's also worthy of note that Apple Pay Cash will work only in the United States for now.

Apple's iOS 11 has also been having battery issues, and iOS 11.2 doesn't seem to bring any improvements on this front. In conclusion, unless the device is affected by the crash bug, this unscheduled iOS 11.2 release would be best to avoid.

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