Apple delivered the iPhone X several weeks following the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. However, the latest data appears to indicate it is the priciest of the 2017 models that more iOS device users chase after.

A new report now suggests Apple's flagship phone anniversary edition is now the most popular among the tech giant's latest offerings.  Data analytics firm Mixpanel showed a new chart that the iPhone X adoption is proving faster than anticipated.

As of the end of November 2017, the charted usage of the handset was pegged at 4.76 percent. not too far from the rapid-selling device is the phablet-size iPhone 8 Plus. According to the stats has so far, boasts an adoption rate of 3.59 percent.

Unsurprisingly, the least popular of the three headlining smartphones from the Cupertino-based firm this 2017 is the regular-size iPhone 8. Mixpanel reported that the 4.7-inch mobile phone has an adoption rate of only 2.78 percent. To be clear, the data furnished by Mixpanel is not a clear-cut measurement of the 2017 iPhones sales performance, which Apple has yet to report as of writing.

iPhone X High Price, Delayed Arrival Non-Issue

The report from Mixpanel is based on overall application usage detected on the three newest iPhone models already in circulation. It seems a solid proof that many smartphone users are willing to pay top dollars to get hold of a premium handset.

In addition, the same users don't mind the long wait for the device. Apple was forced to delay the iPhone X touchdown by nearly a month after the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were made available in October.

Apple has been consistent on its claims that the iPhone X has been met by very strong demand from consumers. Such a trend has been observed since the expensive device was put on preorder status until Apple Store and other retailers have moved to the actual selling mode.

The figures likewise hinted at strong sales momentum for all current iPhone models, with the iPhone X even defying grim projections from analysts who warned the device's steep price and the long wait could turn away prospective buyers. The fear is not without basis following the unveiling of numerous Android flagship rivals this year that highlight gorgeous all-screen design and high-end specifications.

Apple Remaining As Industry Leader

Also indicated in the Mixpanel chart is the reality that previous iPhone model users are holding off on the upgrade path, which could mean two things for Apple. First, a big chunk of Apple fans, specifically those already on the iPhone 7 series, appeared quite satisfied and will not move up anytime soon.

Second,  they are on the fence at the moment but ready to jump in anytime. The cue for them is for Apple to resolve its reported supply constraint issues regarding the iPhone X, ramp up production of the device, and stabilize the flow of supplies.

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