Apple Improves iPhone X Availability: Shipping Dates Drop To Just A Few Days


Although the holiday shopping season is already busy, Apple managed to improve shipping estimates for its latest iPhone X smartphone.

The iPhone X is among the most expensive smartphones out there, starting out at $999, but that hasn't affected its success. The handset is in high demand and Apple has been having trouble keeping up, but things are looking up.

iPhone X Shipping Dates Improve

In the United States, Apple will deliver the iPhone X either unlocked or tied to major carriers within three to five business days on average. This shipping estimate applies to the Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and SIM-free versions of the smartphone. The T-Mobile variant of the iPhone X, however, will take up to nine days to reach new owners.

Either way, even with T-Mobile units taking longer to ship, it seems that the iPhone X will make it in time for the holidays for everyone planning to put it under the Christmas tree. With the other carriers or the unlocked, SIM-free iPhone X, customers who order on Monday should have the device in their hands by Friday.

Apple has also improved the iPhone X availability for in-store pickup. If last week the iPhone X was hard to come by, this week a number of Apple stores in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Pittsburg, and Chicago have the smartphone available to purchase on Monday.

No details are available regarding how much stock is available in-store, so it's tough to say if the iPhone X will still be available in a few days. However, Apple has constantly added more units and is trying to improve the handset's availability on all fronts.

The improvements in iPhone X availability fall in line with investors note from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Last month, the analyst said that Apple should have better retail channel availability in this period due to improvements in the supply chain.

iPhone X Availability Worldwide

The iPhone X is seeing improved availability in the United States, but the shipping estimates are even better for other international markets. In China and Canada, for instance, the smartphone is pegged to ship within one to three business dates.

Availability in Europe is similar to the United States, meaning, the smartphone should arrive in three to five business days, at least, in the UK and Germany. France will see a slight delay similar to that of U.S. carrier T-Mobile as the iPhone X is estimated to ship in nine days.

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