Destiny 2 Three Of Coins Boost Problems: Bungie Clarifies Functionality, Promises A Fix


Along with the new update for Destiny 2, Bungie reintroduced the Three of Coins. The developer promises to fix its function after players issue complaints.

Longtime players of the science fiction shooter were reportedly excited when a familiar consumable item made its way back from the original Destiny. After last week's version update, Xur, the enigmatic in-game merchant began to offer players a way to increase the game's Exotic Engram drop rate.

It was intended to reward players who usually grind for hours at a time with better chances to earn top-tier gear. Unfortunately, players ended up disappointed as they reported no changes at all even with the item's perk activated.

Bungie's Response Frustrates Fans

After being flooded with complaints posted on Destiny 2's official forums, Bungie supposedly conducted a test to verify the Three of Coins issue. The developer acknowledged that there was indeed a problem with the game's code, which affected the Heroic Strikes mode. Additionally, they noted that the regular Vanguard Strikes should work fine with the consumable item.

Gamers who are anticipating a hotfix soon will be disappointed to know that it will not be patched until early 2018. Last month, the game studio made its updates plans public that highlights the upcoming fixes and content adjustment to address complaints from fans.

Drop Rates Explained

When Destiny 2 was launched a few months ago, players discovered an efficient way to farm tokens and gear. Public Events were the most popular activity wherein groups of Guardians activated its Heroic Mode modifiers to get better chances of an Exotic Engram drop.

This was reportedly ideal since these in-game activities are quick, can be done in quick succession, and with more than three players. In comparison, Vanguard Strikes are limited to a group of three players and take longer to complete with a somewhat unattractive reward drop rate.

Based on Inquisitr's report, Bungie did not directly reveal the base drop rates applied in Destiny 2. However, the developer reveals that the Three of Coins should ideally increase the chances by 50 percent.

Players Share Their Suspicions

Since there are no exact numbers to work with, players can only speculate as to why the item's effect seems non-existent. Kotaku even notes that Bungie tried to upsell the Three of Coins' effect as an improvement over the original. Since their explanation about the abysmal drop rate effect is somewhat vague, players speculate that their latest update could have caused an unexpected problem instead.

Along with the latest version update, Bungie revealed their plans to lower the Exotic and Legendary Engram drop rates for Public Events. There is a possibility that this tweak counteracts the expected effect from the consumable item.

Problems Continue To Pile Up

Prior to its release, Bungie promised its fans that Destiny 2 will address most of the problems its predecessor had. In some aspects, the game studio actually delivered a much-improved game over the original but at the same time stumbled along the way.

Prior to the release of The Curse of Osiris expansion, the developer was criticized after players discovered that the experience gain system was adjusted secretly. Followed by several problems like the Prometheus Lens, end-game content lockout and most recently, the Three of Coins issue.

A lot of veteran players felt that Bungie was on the right track toward the end of Destiny 1's cycle. Sadly, it seems that the development team went back to bad habits and could stand to lose their players.

The Three of Coins might have been intended as a way to encourage players to keep playing Destiny 2. However, unless existing issues remain unsolved, Guardians might abandon the Traveler's light for good.

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